Not Confident For Tomorrow’s 42k!

17 10 2009

Confidence is the most important single factor in this game, and no matter how great your natural talent, there is only one way to obtain and sustain it: work.Jack Nicklaus (American Professional Golfer, b.1940)

Since my recent injury last Sunday (Milo Marathon), I only did one practice yesterday, a 1 hour and 10 minutes tempo run. Sadly, there’s still pain on my right foot, but it’s bearable at that moment, hoping I could last a 42k tomorrow. And I have a big burden, leading the group for 5 hours flat as  ‘Official Pacer’ for the Quezon City International Marathon together with Ultra-runner Arman and my buddy Romy Irevera.

I did not apply as a pacer, but a guest blogger-runner supposed to be. However, when I met Sir Rene aka Jazzrunner during the ROTARrun, he said, ‘mag-PACER ka na lang kaya?’ I hesitated first but thinking it’s a good opportunity to be a part of QCIM, I agreed.

Things were going smoothly until last Sunday’s mishap where I did not finish the supposed to be 42k bandit run and first in a series of our fund drive campaign  for team hardcore’s TKO 250 kms. And If  ever I’m so blessed to persevere and finish these grueling marathons, I’m not worthy to claim that I did a 250k but a 225 instead for I stopped at km 25 last Sunday.

The culprit? Injury.

Tomorrow’s race will be crucial for me because If that ‘pain’ will not vanish, (forbid it to happen) then it’s about time to heed my doctor’s advice, “Give myself a break.”

That means,  I will not join the Subic international Marathon and Pasig River  International Marathon, both 42k although I’m already registered.

But I’ll do my best tomorrow.

And praying that legions of my guardian angels will guide me and give me the strength to finish this race.

Above all, let His will be done and not mine.

God be Praised!

‘As the Lord pities his children, so the Lord pities those who fear Him.’ -Psalms 103:13



4 responses

17 10 2009

I know you can finish it but if there’s pain along the way, it’s not a good sign. You better halt and let other pacers do the job.As far as I know,pacers should only guide the group but not necessarily ‘required’ to finish the entire race,if i’m not mistaken.

see you at the races.

17 10 2009
cesar a.k.a. rockandrun12

there must a message behind that injury must read between the lines sometimes we miss on those little details it’s a message exclusively for you my man in any case with the good lord on your side you’ll be able to do it just listen to your body see you na lang around the bend! it’s 3 hours and 16 minutes before the qcim starts and i’m still at work busting my ass i will probably start the race at around 5 kita kits!

18 10 2009
rick gaston

If the pain turns sharp and becomes unbearable stop before you do more damage and increase your recovery time. Have you tried looking up your symptoms on the internet and see what it might be?

19 10 2009
ricky suarez

Hi! I hope you were able to finish the marathon. You have a very nice blog site and seldom do I see a site managed by a christian. Keep up the good work and hope to meet you in one of the runs. God Bless!

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