QCIM 42k Recap Part 1

18 10 2009

Before anything else, let me Congratulate first all the Kenyans who conquered the top prizes! As expected, they ruled and dominated this race.

Also, for Team Hardcore as Official Pacers in  almost  every given time frame.

Before I give my blow by blow account for this race, let me share with you what happened to my running buddy, Romy Irevera.

When I agreed to become one of the official pacers for the 5 hours flat, I thought of bringing in with me someone from my place, so that I have a companion. I’m from Laguna and to travel by bus alone as early as 1 am is difficult, unsafe and boring. So I applied in behalf of Romy, a veteran of many Marathons with the best time of 3.18, and he was accepted. The confirmation of that text is still with me, and when I informed  Romy about this good news,  he was overjoyed. But during the Carbo Loading Party, Romy cannot attend to get his singlet and race bib number due to logistics problem. So Romy sent an sms telling that he will get his race bib and singlet on the race day itself.

Earlier today, we travelled at exactly 1 am, so that, first thing first, we could get his singlet etc. We approached Coach Rio, but he said, “Ay hindi sa akin yan.” And immediately, Coach Rio turned his back as he  entertained some of the querries from other runners. He maybe right, but we need direction as we don’t know where to go. As a race director, he knew the people in charge and he could help us by maybe  saying in appropriate manner like, “Ay hindi sa akin yan, pero aalamin  natin.” And with his influence he could send someone to assist us for we are Official Pacers, trying to help and assist this race, his race.

Anyway, so much for that. He maybe too busy and I understand. It may not be included in his role, but this race cannot become successful if the leaders in different departments will not help each other. They must work as a TEAM, and with a simple concern like this one, it should be given at least simple attention and direction for us to follow. Vague answer cannot help us, it can only create misunderstanding.  Romy said, “Bakit kaya ganun sya?” I just told him, “Oh ang puso mo, hayaan mo na.” And we walked trying to get some sleep nearby for it’s only 3 am.

As we tried to get some rest, Romy told me how hard his life is as a janitor in Alabang. How Ondoy flooded his house in Binan Laguna and  until now it was deeply submerged in water. He was not able to attend the CLP due to financial problem but he loves running so much. He was too excited to become an Official Pacer of this race.

At 3:45 am, we searched in the midst of many committees, the man in charged for  the Official Pacer but I’m amazed when he told me that Romy was not included. I argued and stood my ground but to no avail. I’m so disappointed and decided to get my bag at the luggage area, and will show  him the sms telling that Romy was accepted. But Romy said, “wag na lang bro, hayaan mo na lang.” “Pano ka?” I asked him. “Mag pacing na lang din ako kahit walang race bib, sabayan kita.”

I wanted to back off and go home, because I’m responsible for Romy’s misfortune. I’m so ashamed not only to him but for myself, for I’m the one who negotiated on his behalf. But now, it boomeranged on me as though I lied to him. But he insisted that I must join.

With heavy heart, I went  at the starting line. I owed Romy a lot. I took one of his precious days which was supposed to be his rest day today,  only to find out, he’s not included.

Within the next 5 hours and 22 minutes, I conquered another marathon, and I’m going to tell you my experiences. The joy, shivering, pain, THIRST, hunger and triumph…..NEXT!


Romy, the unfortunate runner from Binan at 3am near the starting line.


As I tried to get some sleep here…

God be Praised!




8 responses

18 10 2009

Since you said you felt responsible for the awkward situation, maybe you can rid yourself of some of the guilt by giving your friend your singlet and loot bag 🙂

18 10 2009

Cecil, aside from that, i shouldered all his expenses for this race, treated him with a lavish dinner and gave him pocket money, coz I pitied him. Thanks for the visit.

18 10 2009

Kawawa naman ang buddy mo tol. Sana mabasa to ni Mayor Belmonte para next QCIM wag ng bigyan ng papel ang mga taong to. Balita ko sa mga tumakbo, palpak na naman ang 42kms, wala daw tubig? Buti na lang di kami sumali, alam na namin ganan mangyayari.

pakisabi sa buddy mo, wag sya magalala. pag bumawi ang nasa taas,makakaganti din sya. panapanahon lang yan.

18 10 2009

Sir Ronnie, may i ask lang po, may mga freebies po ba ang pacer na tulad nyo? napaka generous kasi ng qcim in terms ng prizes, siguro naman po, may mga incentives kau?

curious lang po ako. sorry po sa nangyari sa inyo at ng kasama mo. nakakalungkot.

18 10 2009

Hi malou, free lang po ang reg.fee namin, yun lang po. ty for the visit.

18 10 2009

Rio’s starting to show his true colors and arrogance. He has to be reminded that being rude to customers doesn’t work. And yes, he’s going to charge php750 for his 21km Timex run. And this is how he’s going to treat runners?

If he does’nt change his ways, I can predict runner-bloggers going against this guy’s expensive races. Only his own circle of bloggers can probably save his @_ _.

19 10 2009

thank you for the hardcore support bro.as for romy, let me help you make it up to him a little bit more.see you at subic.and adidas,bakbakan ang weekend na ito.

19 10 2009

i feel sad for what happened to you and your friend. but just chalk it up to experience. keep smiling; it must have happened for some reason, though we may never realize what that reason was.

cheers! salaam! 🙂

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