QCIM 42k Recap Part 2

18 10 2009

Out of difficulties grow miracles.Jean de la Bruyere (French satiric moralist, 16451696)

The race started just in time. We, the ‘official pacers’ were given   balloons as identifying mark. In the website of QCIM, I saw my name there, together with Arman, a strong runner who was my classmate in the BDM 102 and TNF100, a member too of Team hardcore. Also, I noticed that in the QCIM website, there is a blank  for ‘the other member’ under 5 hours group, so I believed it was really  for Romy, not unless he was replaced at the last minute. But they should informed me  ahead of time, so as not to spoil Romy’s day.

We were given 4 balloons. I gave one to Arman, one was with me, Romy volunteered to have one eventhough he has no race bib number and the other one I gave to another Ultra-runner from Lucban Quezon, which I’m sorry to say, I forgot his name. Likewise, this guy from Quezon was not officially registered. He was there to have his lsd, a 42k. He was at the right place at the right time, now with his lsd, he’s now a part of history, the QCIM pacer. His name will not appear on the website, just like my friend, Romy, but I can attest that they too were finishers of this race. They’re bandits with a cause. And what a worthy cause!

Unlike in some other races, this one was different. I have to be honest in saying that I’m afraid at first because to become an ‘Official pacer’ is no ordinary task. You will not be thinking of yourself only but those runners who will follow you. You must be a good role player and motivator. Your goal here is not just finish the race at 5 hours flat, but as much as possible, lead your people in achieving this goal.

If a pacer is 100% A-Ok, there’s no problem about it. In fact 5 hours is very achievable. But in my case, as I’ve shared in my previous post, I’m not confident’ due to injury.

But I have alternatives. Before this race, I sent sms to some of my co-hardcore members, that if in case, I could no longer push myself, I will let someone do the task for me. Isko and George who were also pacers as sweepers (7 hours) were willing to help me if badly needed, and I’m so thankful for having friends like them. With them behind me, I’m comfortable a littel bit knowing I have back up.

But I could not rest on this assurance. I must rise up to the challenge. I kept reminding myself that I am an overcomer of many races, including two Ultramarathons, four marathons and 60 plus different racing events.

I must finish this race in 5 hours…

But I came in short. I reached the finish line in 5 hours and 22 minutes. Not good, but I’ll tell you why I’m late in my next post.














God be Praised!

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.” -Psalms 37:23



3 responses

19 10 2009

congrats, ronnie! see you at the next atrting line.

19 10 2009

i mean, starting line!

19 10 2009

congrats ronnie! see you in subic!

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