QCIM 42k Recap Part 3 (Response For Part 1)

19 10 2009

“Let me be weighed in an even balanced, that God may know mine integrity.” -Job 31:6

I received a reply from S’ David de Leon regarding my recent post, “QCIM 42k Recap Part 1”. His message was relayed first to my friend, Jonel Mendoza aka Bugobugo and with email exchanges, issues were resolved.

Let me post the email thread and after this, any negative comment  for the Part 1 will no longer be entertained.

This issue is now water under the bridge.


hi Jonel,

am writing to you to ask for your help. i should actually be directing this email to Fernando de Lara, aka Runner for Christ, but i don’t know his contact details. i understand he is in your Team Hardcore which means you may be able to pass on this email to him.
here is the problem: he came to the race last sunday with a certain Romy, who came all the way from Laguna, i understand. he said that Romy registered way before hand but somehow his name and details got lost in the process. i feel bad that he came all the way only to realize he was not an official pacer, and therefore could not finish the race officially.
to compound the problem, i was suddenly 10 balloons short as the balloon maker/supplier accidentally released 10 balloons..i could have actually given Romy at least 2 of those. but the more serious aspect to this is the fact that he could no longer, at the last minute, be registered into the system, making him an unofficial runner and not entitling him to all that the finishers get.
i feel bad about this situation. somehow his name was not communicated to me and therefore he never appeared in my official pacers masterlist.
anyway, here is what i can do: i will send him a QCIM singlet, a Nike finisher’s singlet, and try to secure a finisher’s medal too…
my only request is for this email to be forwarded to Fernando so that he knows how we would like to “make it up” to him and especially to Romy.
maraming salamat!


Hi Dave,

yes, i heard about this problem too.ronnie and romy did not pass thru me in requesting to be pacers.i just knew that they were pacers from the website.ronnie is a member of the team and romy is not.but nevertheless, he is most deserving of the pacer items.

here is ronnie de lara’s number for quicker coordination.thank you as well for taking the team in.and for taking time to remedy this situation.

ronnie de lara 09xxxxxxxx.

until the next marathon.



S’ David,

Thank you so much for taking time to solve my concern.

With your permission, allow me to post your reply so that people may know your side or the truth on the other side of the fence.

To give you a brief background, I was given a pacer’s race bib number and a singlet during the Rotarun by S’ Rene aka Jazzrunner in your presence and 3 days later, I sent S’ Rene an sms asking if there’s still available pacer for the 5 hours. When he said, it’s still open, I recommended Romy. He asked for Romy’s marathon records and I texted him the full details. Shortly, I received a confirmation that he was selected as my co-pacer for the 5 hours.
I knew Romy for years. He maybe poor materially but his character is intact. that’s why I’m so disappointed. I hope you understand my feelings. I have nothing against anybody but my heart was grieved last Sunday and I carried it with me during the entire race. As we ran, Romy was not permitted to enter the Eco Park because he had no race bib number although he had a balloon…

After hearing your story, this case is now water under the bridge. Romy will be glad for sure. I’ll relay your message immediately.

Again, thank you. Your prompt response is a big deal for me.

Rest assured that I’ll  continually support your vision and mission in the running community

God bless,

fernando ‘Ronnie’ de lara


hi Fernando,

thank you for giving me the chance. and please do make sure  you post my reply.
yes i kind of recall meeting you after the Rotarun but i am sorry i have a vague recollection of the details. as you may surmise, i am just swamped with a ton of details regarding the QCIM that i can’t remember all that transpired before the event. now i already can…:>
again i am sorry for what happened last sunday and for Romy’s predicament. had i known before hand i would have made sure he was on the list. i am all for people like Romy as you described him.
i shall call you tomorrow to work out the delivery details.
thank you again for your kind consideration.

S’ Dave…. your apology is accepted. And in my eyes, you’re a great man indeed.
Thank you so much!
God be Praised!



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20 10 2009

all’s well that ends well! 🙂

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