My Assessment For The QCIM 42k!

21 10 2009

They talk of my drinking but never my thirst”- Scottish Proverb

After devoting four posts for this race, I’m glad that this will be my last. Let me give those positives, those negatives and my suggestions if ever there will be another QCIM next year. Although I’m an ‘Official Pacer’, it is my duty to report any observations that can be beneficial for the runners and Organizer as well. I maybe a friend of Organizer’s staff but I must give constructive criticisms if necessary so that in the future, those lapses can be minimized if not totally eradicated;



1. Route- when I ran in Botak 100k solo last June 28, 2009, the Commonwealth Road was closed but a portion only. Here, it was totally closed, giving runners more space and less danger from any vehicular accident.

2. Marshalls- with uniform, cordial and adequate.

3. Musicians- nice to hear them along the way.

4. Well wishers- they boost your morale.

5. Side Dish-those P&G girls offering liniment and massage in the last 3 kms of the race upto the finish line, they’re added attraction.

6. Great Prizes- perhaps the most generous Marathon  so far in terms of winnings.

7. freebies-with the addition of Nike tshirt.


1. WATER DROUGHT- approximately 13 kms of no water! Those with vehicular back-up will not be affected by this, but majority have none. Before the race, advertisement said that there will be water station in every 2.5 kms if I’m not mistaken, how come this was not followed? If not for a cloudy day, I think many will DNF. Water drought in every race is a major sin and I hate to say that the QCIM failed in this area. Remove everything except water and a race can be considered a success! That is why Rudy Biscocho is the most sought after  Organizer in the land today, and perhaps the most popular among runners, for he will not fail you in terms of water supply. I’m hoping that the next QCIM if there will be again, will not miss the mark  in this area.


-With a hefty budget and a not so cheap Registration Fee, this race must serve   ‘ some foods’ in those water stations particularly from km 25 onward. A banana or sweet potato can be of big help for runners.

-Do not include Eco Park anymore if water will not be allowed inside.

-To avoid traffic jams, this race can start as early as 2am, so average runners can finish it at 7am, not paralyzing the whole QC from traffic until 12 noon that Sunday.

-A survey form must be given to all 42k runners at the end of the race, brief and concise, to assess this race.

I’m so grateful to be included in the QCIM as ‘Official Pacer’ although in the official result, there’s no such tag  opposite my  name, but nonetheless, it’s an honor to be a part of this worthy cause.

See you in Subic this Saturday and let’s pray that super typhoon Ramil will not spoil that race.

God be Praised!




4 responses

22 10 2009

greetings from uk, your blog is very inspiring.I’ll join a marathon there when I arrive, but hoping those failures will not be repeated again.

22 10 2009

My cousin joined that race and when he reached the finish line, he vomited a lot. We’re so worried. He said he almost DNF due to lack of water. He vowed that he will not join QCIM again…

22 10 2009

Parusa po ang race na yan, maganda lang sa umpisa pero palpak din sa gitna. At bukod sa walang tubig, di man lang sila naglagay ng kahit anong pantawid gutom na pagkain. Ang mahal pa naman ng ibinayad ko. Tama po lahat ang inyong obserbasyon at kayo lang ang nabasahan ko ng gantong kuro-kuro sa dinami daming mga runner-bloggers.

Ipagpatuloy po ninyo ang inyong advocacy, at lagi kaming nagbabasa ng blogs nyo dto sa opisina.

Magkita po tayo sa adidas kotr, lalapitan ko po kayo.

God bless you.

23 10 2009

ronnie, your observations/assessment of the race are right. mayabang yong nakita kong race official na nagtatanong sa mga aides kung mayroon pang tubig sa mga water stations pero wala naman siyang dala sa kanyang sasakyan na pang-replenish sa mga walang tubig na stations. when will these race organizers ever learn the basics of race management/organizing? i know & heard that they collected a whooping 7 figures as their talent fees for this race but still they were not able to deliver a near-ideal race. pls check the post of john pages of cebu at for more complaints. see you at the starting line.

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