QCIM 42k Recap (Part 4)

21 10 2009

“I would rather sail and hit a rock
than sit and rot in dry dock.”
(Dr. Lester Roloff)

… From km 1 to km 19, our group were having some light moments together. We were talking about our BDM experiences. Arman, gifted  with a great sense of humor and a strong runner; Armand, from Lucban Quezon, a shy type, seldom smiles but very patient and consistent; Romy, a supposed to be pacer who became a bandit, a veteran of many marathons with a personal best of 3.18 in Milo elims and I were carrying the balloons as the frontliners for the 5 hours flat. Also in the group was my friend, Dennis, my buddy-buddy in the BDM 102. We were the nucleus, the core of this assemblage. Since Arman has a Garmin and  I don’t have, he became the leader of this group and I’m proud to say, he’s the only one among us to reach the 5 hours flat or less. That’s why at the finishline, I searched for S’ Dave to express my apology. I saw him some 20 meters before the finish line, gave me high 5 but when I’m about to look  for  him, I felt numbness on both of my feet, so I opted to rest for a while and received a massage from P&G girls instead. That was the most soothing massage I have ever experienced, not only because those girls were gorgeous, but maybe I’m so tired and prosrated.

My doom started right there at the gate of Eco Park, when Romy was not admitted to enter. He had no race bib number, and he was carrying a small bag for our supplies. Since I don’t have vehicular back-up for this group, I’m relying heavily  on my stocks- 10 pieces of wheat pandesal with peanut butter. When the security guard hindered Romy from entering this man-made dam, I appealed saying that Romy was a pacer since he had a balloon with him, but the guard, only following orders, won’t allow him. At this point, I told Romy to just wait me at the gate because for sure, I can see him there the moment we  turn around-   a big mistake though-because as we turned around, we did not pass that gate again.

Inside the Eco Park, the view was so captivating. I was perplexed by the nostalgic view, the magnificent body of waters, giant trees..my first time to enter this place. However, that serene feeling was only temporary because inside the Eco Park, we reached km 21 at exactly 2 hours and 28 minutes- a good sign that our group were following almost close to 7.14 minutes/km.- there I felt I needed to eat something for I’m terribly hungry. Cold perspirations  followed.

To make things worst, my  hydration belt was running out of liquids. When I heard from my group that we will no longer see the gate where Romy was waiting, I started praying. For whenever I’m hungry and there’s no immediate food, I’ll shiver and quiver, for we have  history of diabetes.

I am now becoming weaker  and could no longer talk and I noticed that little by little, my steps were no longer consistent. At this point, I yelled at Arman and I asked him If he had an extra power gel. Fortunately, he had one, I grabbed it, ate a part of  it but I returned it to him because he said it’s the only thing left in him.While I’m  still at the back of the group,  I could see Arman, followed by Armand and then by Dennis. Approaching km 24 when I shouted to Dennis and I asked him for power gel, I said I’ll pay this at the baggage area. He gave me one and said no need to pay. I ate a portion of it and hid the remaining on my HC pocket.

But my turmoil was not yet over. As I drank my last supply of Pocari Sweat from my hydration belt, Aid stations do not have  water anymore. I miscalculated the scenario by thinking that very near in the SM Fairview, water will be abundant. Since we  entered the eco park, there’s no more water. I understand because it’s the rule. Unknown to me, water will not be available for the next 13 kilometers of this race.

As I reached SM Fairview, some of the runners were complaining. Since I have a balloon, one runner gained his speed from behind and as he outrun me  he said, “Grabe naman ang race nyo, kamahal mahal ng bayad, bakit walang tubig?” He maybe mistakenly perceived that  I belonged to the Organizer’s side.

I answered,” Sir, katulad lang din nyo akong mananakbo, pacer lang ako. Baka po sa banda dyan, may tubig na. Di ko din po kasi alam ano ang nagyari.” And he stopped running. I don’t know what happened to him. I wanted to help him but I’m also bombarded with my inner struggles, for me too was in the brink  of dehydration.

From km 19 to km 31, water  was elusive and it seems  has eluded us for a while. On the water stations, you can see empty cups, empty bottles, empty gallons and embarrassed marshals, for though they were so many, and yet, so  useless. A staff even told me, “Yun kasing mga Kenyans, inubos ang tubig namin.” With that I replied jestingly, ” Ininom ba nila lahat ang tubig nyo?”  “Pinaligo ho nila!” was the reply. “Hindi nyo  ba na-anticipate na ganun ang gagawin ng mga Kenyans?” “Hindi po eh” , “Problema nga”,  was my last reply. As I ran, I thought, this is an International Marathon, how come they (Organazers) did not anticipate this? I think it’s not appropriate to blame those Kenyans for water shortages as some of those marshalls were trying to imply.

Even those band of musicians cannot help, for though they played harmoniously, we need water not music at that time. I envied those runners with vehicular convoy and at one point, I’m tempted to beg for some water.

Finally, when I could no longer hold my ground for thirst and hunger (because the power gel from Dennis  accidentally slipped out of my HC pocket), I decided to take a 15 minutes break, as I drank Coke Zero and 2 Inipit bread in one of the Sari-sari stores along the road.

As I gained some strength,  I reached km 32 in 4 hours flat. And finally, I arrived at the finish line in 5 hours and 22 minutes, however, my official time says it’s 5 hours and 25 minutes, with 3 minutes differential.


photo courtesy of bugobugo85.wordpress.com









Let me acknowledge these people for their moral support and assistance…Jonel aka Bugobugo, all members of team HARDCORE, Isko, Arman, George, Rico, Nico, Lester, Margaret, Dess, Michelle, Mari…


Dennis Enriquez, Ferdie Valdez, Edu, Armand…

Vener aka run unlmtd…

Romy Irevera…

Cynthia Nazareno…

Flor Mosqueda…

To Sir David de Leon, Rene aka Jazzrunner…

To All of you.

See you all in Subic…

God be Praised!




4 responses

21 10 2009
run unltd.

Mabuti na lang maraming tindahan sa ruta, brace yourself for the subic run. Congrats again Ronnie, you still did well despite the odds. HC spirit talaga!

22 10 2009

congrats ronnie! hardcore at work! =D

27 10 2009

Thanks for the acknowledgement classmate…Take care always…

27 10 2009

You’re welcome classmate. God bless.

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