A Walk To Remember!(SIM 42k Recap 3)

26 10 2009

As you walk through the valley of the unknown, you will find the footprints of Jesus both in front of you and beside you. Charles Stanley

The toughest marathon that I’ve ever experienced was the Subic International Marathon held last Saturday. My best weapon, my feet, failed me. I can’t run due to a hamstrings injury I suffered as early as km 3, and with 39 kms left, I thought I could not survive and reach the finish line.

When that incident happened, a negative thoughts dictated  my already troubled mind, “You are a runner, and if you can’t run this  race, what’s the use? Quit and go home for you have nothing to prove!”

If I listened to that still, inner voice then I can never be a part of history, a runner who reached the finish line inspite of… Aside from that, I’m dedicated to TKO 250!

But you know, due to this ‘walkathon’ experience, I’m now more confident of finishing more marathons in the future by just simply ‘walking.’ I didn’t say that I’ll not run anymore, but if there’s a sign of injury or pain, then walking would be a  great alternative. It’s more comfortable than running, convenient and less injurious I supposed.

Walking is a science and an art. That’s why doctors often recommend ‘walking’ to their patients instead of running. However, if you’re after speed, then walking is not for you. Walking is applicable only to those who want to enjoy  a race without the pressure of beating any PR or in some cases, if you have injury like mine.

We always wanted to finish first and to outrun others, even our closest allies. And sometimes, in doing that, we forgot to enjoy the race, appreciate the nature and assess ourselves. When I walked the last 39 kms of that race, first time in my entire career as a runner, I enjoyed it and I became closer to my Lord and Saviour. Maybe because I’m injured, hungry and thirsty. It’s so ironic that men tend to become more religious in times of need but a sinner in times of prosperity! That 39 kms walk was hard and difficult, but it made me a better person, in terms of endurance and faith. I re-dedicated my life to HIM once again in that long and winding road, SCTEX to Subic.

As I recalled all of my previous races, this one was  unforgettable, for though my running ability eluded me like a thief in the night, my walking abilty emerged giving me wings to soar.

I can’t forget this race -39 kms walk- a walk worth remembering!

As Henry David Thoreau once wrote,…

Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.

God be Praised!

Did you know…

… that today is Mule Day? The first mules in America arrived
in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1785. They were a gift from King
Charles III of Spain. Um… thank you, King Charles!  😉




8 responses

26 10 2009

sir amado aka reinier6666 would be very happy to know that you are shifting to “walking” or “racewalking” because of your hamstring injury. mr castro had been consistently racewalking in almost all his road races since last year that he finished the 12-Hour Endurance Racewalking in KL, Malaysia last December 2008 and the 2009 LA Marathon last May. try to get in touch with him as he has a lot of references of this sports or you might as well browse in the Internet. get well soon and good luck!

27 10 2009

S’ Jovie, it will be an honor to be with S’ Amado and walking is a very good idea, specially now that I’m injured. However, my plan is to integrate walking into my running…Let’s say a 2 km walk and then a 2 km run, and it goes on until I reach the finish line. I cannot totally imagine myself ‘not running’ at all and walking is my last option.

This setback will not hamper me. It will make me slower but definitely, I’ll be there at the races.

Thanks a lot!

27 10 2009

It was nice to see you again at SIM. As usual, I sensed the “calmness” in you even after finishing the race with hamstring injury. You’re tough! Congratulations. Things also did not work in my favor during the race (injury) but I am happy that I could still run and finish the race. Running, after all, is the joy itself.

Rest well and see you soon.

27 10 2009

Atty Jon…when I saw you in the starting line few minutes before the race started and at the finish line some 6 hours later, I’m so inspired to see old classmate in running like you. That race hampered us a little bit, but our desire to finish it was so extreme, and even against all odds, we were able to conquer Subic.

Rest well and recover too.

God bless.

27 10 2009

i will choose you anytime as my best company instead of anyone riding a car and wearing violet shorts. there is honor in walking.congratulations!

28 10 2009
run unltd.

For me, it should be rest and recovery, personally.

30 10 2009

Hi Ronnie,

Congrats for finishing the SIM and I salute you for your positive outlook in life. You are an inspiration! More power! More races!

1 11 2009
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