When Shall We Learn?(SIM 42k Last Part)

30 10 2009

One of the most dangerous forms of human error is forgetting what one is trying to achieve

Paul Nitze


The Subic International Marathon was probably one of the most anticipated races for this year. Runners from all walks of life gathered together to be a part of history. In my estimate, some 700+ runners joined this marathon, outnumbered the QCIM and Milo Elims.  They trained so hard for this event and I believe, all of the participants  were all physically fit and qualified to reach the finish line, as I assumed.

At the starting line, you can see mean and lean bodies of runners, proof that all were prepared and capable of finishing this race, at least, my first impression. From their faces, you can see the enthusiasm and eagerness, the excitement and sheer expectation that was to follow. First time to run in Subic, and mind you -the SCTEX way, the road less traveled by, can be conquered by means of running, finally!

Six days later, after posting four parts  and recollecting my personal experience regarding this race, I have only one question to ask, “When shall we learn?”

-water drought for more than 12 kms (straight).

-25 kms of complete darkness.

-absence of marshals specially when badly needed.

-ambulance not stationed at the back to escort the last runner.

-No food (at least banana) at dinner time from 7pm onward.

-undersized table containing water cups.

-No kilometer marker.



-many did not finish this race.

-some collapsed.

-majority lost their tempers.

-few cursed.

-a number vowed not to join a 42k race again.

-a handful made negative remarks for this race.

When shall we learn?

-if there’s a casualty?

-or a fatality?

God forbid.

I appeal to all Organizers to be more cautious, responsible, accountable, liable and most specially, competent before directing any race, for our lives are at stake here. Don’t wait for us to ban your races in the future!

Runners risked their lives in every races. Although we’re physically fit, but no water longer than expected could mean disaster, even death. Yes, we have signed a waiver, but it doesn’t mean you have the right to  abandon us where help and assistance seemed implausible. I shivered during this race, signalling peril maybe due to dehydration and hunger.

With due respect to S’ Adi de los Reyes, probably one of the most endearing friends I have ever met, he did his best to make this race truly a ‘world class’ event.  He sent me an sms a day after the race saying,”there were changes made beyond his control…” I believed and accepted his explanation and vowed to remain his friend even after this SIM race.

I  will  call this race  ‘Challenger of Limits’!

When shall we learn? I hope this will be the last time.

But for the meantime, allow me to call this race  ‘ Subic Marathon’ and not Subic International Marathon.

Asked those Kenyans, maybe they’ll disagree.

God be Praised!

Did you know…

… that today is the birthday of the Le Creuset Enamel Pan?
In 1925, Arnaud Desaegher and Octave Aubecq created Le Creuset
gourmet enamel cooking pans. Each pan consists of a 12-step
finishing process implemented by 15 different pairs of hands
to ensure that there are no flaws or imperfections in the
final product. Talk about pride in one’s work!









3 responses

31 10 2009

incompetent and irresponsible race organizers are like plunderers.

31 10 2009
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1 11 2009

Too bad Sir I know of a lot of people who prepared for this race, and the organizers seem to be the ones unprepared. I hope the organizers learned from this experience, and I hope they reconsider the use of the words “International” and “Prestigious” next time.

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