Back To Back Or Back To Back To Back?

4 11 2009

“Music is my life, but running allows me to appreciate the music of the outdoors.” -Gail Williams, hornplayer


Me at SIM 42k with blue marking…photo courtesy of

After a 25k  in Milo Finals, a 42k in the QCIM and another 42k in SIM, my target now is the PIM 42k this coming Sunday.

But I have some problems…

Since SIM 42k last Oct. 24, 2009, I rested completely. No running or walking. Just a gym work-out and  Mhuay Thai hoping that my hamstring injury could at least heal up a little bit.

Four days before that race and I’m still undecided.

I was absent in the Halimaw Run and the Adidas KOTR, making my TKO 250 bid a failure.

And there’s still an even greater challenge for PIM for  there is a cut-off time of 5 hours for the 42k.

My will says, ‘go for it’ but my left leg is questionable.

Sometimes, we can’t understand things but we must accept what life has to offer.

All things work together for good.

This Saturday, I’ll decide whether or not I’ll join this race.

Injured or not, it’s nice to be running.

God be Praised!





One response

5 11 2009

Be careful with hamstring injury. It could get worse which would sideline you far longer than necessary. Eat more protein to speed up recovery.

Good luck.

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