PIM 42k Recap1 (A Race To Remember)

9 11 2009

“No matter how old I get, the race remains one of life’s most rewarding experiences.” -George Sheehan


The Philippine International Marathon 2009 was now part of history but nonetheless, one of the most illustrious  races to remember. Those who decided to join this gargantuan event specially the 42k can attest that it’s a wise decision and worthy of doing so.

I can’t forget this race for the following reasons:

– A personal triumph. I’m afraid to join this due to an injury I incurred last SIM 42k barely just two weeks only prior to this one. Some of my friends advised me  that it’s not astute volition for they thought joining another 42k can aggravate my injury.

– A once in a lifetime experience  for those places ‘less ran by.’ Who can run in the Lagusnilad in Manila City Hall?Those bridges in Delpan, M’cArthur, Ayala, Nagtahan, Lambingan? And how about that Bridge in the FEATI University, Escolta, Arroceros going to P. Casal in Quiapo? The Pandacan and Paco route, Edsa Road, Robinsons Pioneer going to KFC Oranbo? This PIM 42k toured us to those nook and niche which  seemed impossible to conquer.

– An almost flawless marathon. If not for that late distribution of race bib number done on the race day itself that caused some runners to run late and no medal given  for 42k finishers, I can give this Marathon a 100% rating.

Ferdinand Valdez, Jack Marcos and I traveled all the way from Laguna to Quirino Grandstand at 2am yesterday. We arrived in the vicinity at around 3am too early for Jack to get his race bib number. At that time, there was already a massive build-up of runners who lined up just to get their stuff.

At 3:45am, I met some of the members of TEAM HARDCORE, Camanava runners, some old pals, runner-blogger and the likes.

At 4:05am, we checked in as we entered the starting line area, there I saw Baldrunner and I approached him to give my homage.

After a brief stretching exercise, I went to a dark corner and I prayed. To be honest, I’m worried about this race, for my plight and my injury. I didn’t have any running sessions  since SIM 42k last October 24, 2009 and if my condition worsens, I have no one to blame but myself. I don’t know if it’s  an addiction or mere foolishness.

At 4:29am, I heard the countdown….and the race was now on!


With a runner from Binan and jack.


with SOFITEL hotel relay group headed by Master Chef Willy and Cas.

Below… with Jack, Ferdie and Willy.



with CAMANAVA group.

Below: with Ferdie and Jack



With Coach Titus Salazar of team Baldrunner.


with those Kenyans…


God be Praised!




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9 11 2009


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