PIM 42k Recap3 (The Salt, The Roller And The Medal)

11 11 2009

“Racing entails risk. The most common mistake in addition to overtraining is racing too much too soon.”-Tom Fleming

The presence of my long time buddy, Dennis Enriquez helped me a lot in achieving my 5th full Marathons this year. Savvy with the route, he acted as my guide. And not only that, he provided  me with unlimited supply of salt. As I reached the halfway mark of that marathon, I munched a pinch of salt every 3 kms or less and I believed that stuff prevented any cramps or at least eased away some of my  pain.

At km 20, my left foot was accidentally  hit from behind by the wheelchair of Team Logan. Maybe, the lady who controlled the handle doesn’t  notice it, for even a slight sorry-there was none. But that was a painful one! The roller of that wheelchair banged into the back area of my left foot, until now, it’s slightly swollen. While I have nothing against that relay but those who would like to volunteer ‘running with a wheelchair’ should practice it many times before joining a race to prevent it from happening again. Not unless it’s Logan controlling the handle,  running with a wheelchair is risky.  By the way, congrats TEAM LOGAN for finishing that race,  and to all who volunteers, I salute you all!

The PIM could be more successful if a medal was given to all 42k finishers who beat the cut-off period. Yes, a P250 was cheap and that race was for the benefit of Pasig River. But channel 2 is a giant and a very popular company, with all of their power and  influence, PIM can  look for  sponsors  who can provide those runners with a well-deserved medal. That 42k was tough and hard, and  I don’t know why PIM management did not give any medal to all qualified finishers.

Besides, since joining PIM in 2007- there was always  a medal. Let me show you my medals  in PIM from 2007 to 2008…


PIM 42k in 2007


PIM 42k in 2008

A 42k is not complete without a medal. Runners risked their lives for it. And if they said that we should not expect for any medal since the registration fee was cheap, then I’m willing to increase my payment just to have a medal. I’m not after for a prize but  a medal is a proof and a great motivator to continue my quest- my quest in running.

See you in Timex 21k this coming Sunday. Let’s run for HIS glory.

God be Praised!




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11 11 2009

Everbody should be given a medal , they all deserved it . Running 42k is not easy. It takes months of prepreration ,specially those runners who are finishing 4hours to 6hrs. Maybe organizers focused only to one goal, but they forgot that goal will not be possible without those people running the marathon.

12 11 2009

I also hated the idea that there was no medal during the 2009 PIM. A big surprise for me. I would be very disappointed as well if I run the 42K and find out that there was nothing to look forward to at the finish line. Tsk tsk. I hope organizers and sponsors will consider this when they conduct a full- or an ultra- marathon.

12 11 2009

I agree with that there should be a medal. What a letdown after such beautiful keepsakes from 2007 and 2008! As for the Team Logan volunteers, I must admit, I was more concerned about Justin than the other runners they might run into. The course was tough and dangerous, and the heat was terrible. It was a great thing that they were able to finish.

12 11 2009

that was spot-on boss ronnie… i was on buendia 5+ hrs of my run. and i was contemplating to tap-out at that point.

but the determination to finish the race was much stronger and a the sight of a medal around my neck was a big plus.

but when i crossed the finish line, there was no medal.

a medal would have been a good reminder of our PIM battle.

12 11 2009

Alaskarunner…thanks for the visit. And you’re right in saying that the goal will not be possible if not for the runners. I’ll accept a medal even if it’s cheap. I passed the test once again and I deserve a medal, together with all of those qualified finishers.

Jinoe…yes, it’s very disappointing. When I reached the finish line that day, my joy was not complete, for there was a ‘lacking component’ to say that the race was a 42k.

Wilson…I forgot to mention it too, regarding Justin’s welfare. If it’s Craig, then there’s no problem for he’s doing it many many times already, but if it’s a newbie in the field of ‘running with a wheelchair’ it’s too risky. I have no qualms on them until that lady hit the back of my foot. I don’t know how many runners did she hit along the route. That only proved that it’s not an easy task. As a a big fan of Team Logan, I have to voice out my concern so that in the future, it can be prevented. We can save Justin and other runners as well.

Red…I admired those runners who were on the brink of tapping out but persevered, and eventually reached the finish line…only to find out that there was no medal. Thanks for the visit Rod.

12 11 2009
Shiela Compendio

my husband, jonas, was one of those who felt bad when he didnt receive any medal upon finishing his very first 42km in PIM.

12 11 2009

When I reached the finish line and was barely able to stand straight with my aching knee after the long, hard, painful and difficult 42km run with terrains consisting of bridges, flyovers, uphills and some dangerous hi-ways with heavy traffic.. I was desperately waiting for someone at the finish line to give me that symbol of pride and accomplishment – a medal.

Nanginginig na yung katawan ko at nangangatog na yung tuhod ko sa sobrang pagod at hirap sa marathon run na yun, pero wala namang medal. Somehow, I just consoled myself na para sa Ilog Pasig naman lahat ng ibinayad ko.. pero may lungkot pa den. 😦

12 11 2009

hi ronnie,

nice post! I am also disappointed with the lack of medal on finish line. I ran the 2008 edition of the race and 2009 race does not come close to the former in terms runners satisfaction. I believe that it is a standard to have medal on finish line and it is a fundamental right of 42k runners to have them hanging on their neck after a grueling run. I have 3 friends running their first marathon and felt sorry for them not having the compliment at the end of the race. Heck that they are plugging those millions that they have collected when they can’t give this very important compliment to the full marathon warriors. I don’t think providing a medal can dent the millions they’re plugging with a minimal number of 42k participants.

Recover and run more…

13 11 2009

Congrats on finishing! I echo the sentiments of Jayson. That I can console myself with the fact that it was for Pasig River (I hope something positive really happens to the river… soon). I had a pretty good run so I didn’t let the absence of a finisher’s medal ruin my day. But, it would have been nice if there were something dangling around your neck. I asked the media booth for some finisher’s loot bag or any free stuff because I was in a terrible rush and was disappointed with their negative reply. And then I remembered, Oh, I did get that cup of water after finishing…

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