Timex 21k (Running Against Time!)

15 11 2009

“Whatever the pace, run softly, run tall.” -Joe Henderson

I cannot give anymore feedback for this race except two…

1. This race started late. From 5:15am to 5:27am

2. Finisher’s medal has no ‘Timex’ on it, the date and the category (21k, 10k or 5k)

But I’m very satisfied with the outcome of this race.

-Water Stations



-traffic enforcers

-freebies (loot bag, tshirt, food, refreshments etc)

-timing chip

–they’re almost perfect!

I’ve been to so many races of Coach Rio but this one was the best so far.

Finally, he and his team did it.

Congratulations Guys and I’m hoping that this will be the start of more great races to come.

I’m glad for my time 2.17 although that was too high for my best PR of 1.47 for this category.

My left leg was not yet 100% okay, but I believe I’m on my way to recovery.






See you in New Balance 21k on Nov. 29, the last segment of TKO 250.

Run for HIS glory.

God be Praised!




4 responses

15 11 2009

Hi Ronnie. Congratulations on the 21K. It appears that you’re recovering okay. Good to hear that this was also Rio’s best race thus far. I’m not surprised because he put a lot of effort into them.

Take care and all the best at the NB race.

16 11 2009

boss ronnie! congrats on your run. sorry di kita masyado naintidihan sa line yesterday. bangag pa after ng race. hehehe

email me boss, rpapolinario@yahoo.com

16 11 2009

ronnie, “david’s saloon” pala ang sponsor ninyo? hehehe! i am glad to see the “graduates” of 1st BDM 102 in your pictures. congrats on your half-marathon finish. see you at the NB Half.

17 11 2009

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