Special Treatment?

16 11 2009

“Fitness is like a blade of a knife; you want to sharpen it without ruining the blade.” -Sally Jenkins, The Washington Post

As another Kenyan ruled the Timex half-marathon yesterday, my running friends asked me if they (Kenyans) will stay here in our country for good just to join and win all the  races. I told them I don’t know but there’s nothing wrong about it. It’s a Democratic country and they can compete in as many races as they want.

However, one of my running buddies told me that during Philippine International Marathon last November 8, 2009, special treatment was once again being given to our Kenyan counterparts. As he waited for me in Buendia Water Station exactly at  Km 34,  and while those Kenyans were fast approaching on their site, some marshals ran towards those Kenyans with a bottled water on their hands. There’s nothing wrong about it for they were the frontliners of this 42k race, but to his amazement, when our very own Cris Sabal and another Filipino elite runner came very near to that Water Station, there’s no more assistance such like that. In fact, according to my friend, those marshals hid those  bottled water in a box underneath their table, just waited for our hapless runners to come  and gave them  ‘cup with water’ instead. That act can really help those Kenyans improved their time.

Many runners came to that Aid Station after that, including me but no bottled water was given  to us  by those marshals, and I can’t recall a moment where there was a bottled water being offered in the entire race.  That bottled water is very important particularly in a race like that where the sun was so unforgiving. You can use it to sprinkle on your head along the route preventing heat stroke and dehydration.

That friend of mine  reiterated that his observation was true and he’s willing to prove it.

Special treatment?

What do you think???

See you in NB 21k next next Sunday.

God be Praised!




4 responses

16 11 2009
Sam TheRunningNinja

Hi Ronnie,

If that story is true, that is indeed unfair and a show of special treatment. The kenyans will not stay here for good, I think they will stay here till Nov 19 according to ellen tolentino. I actually saw them in Silang Cavite last week, not sure if they have a place to stay there or just enjoying fresher air here in cavite.

See you at NB 21!

16 11 2009

Hi Ronnie. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve heard this here in the U.S. as well. There has been talk about limiting invites and cutting prize money here in the states because of the Kenyan dominance in road races. However, I agree with you about the country being democratic and that Kenyans can run in a said race.

It’s not unusual that the elite athletes get bottled water. However, if anyone has ever seen an event like the Boston or the NYC Marathon, the bottles are marked and are on a separate table where the marshalls aren’t supposed to assist.

16 11 2009

if this incident is true, we should find out who are these people who were manning the aid station and ask them if they really have an special arrangements with the kenyans to give them bottled water. i heard that these kenyans are being hosted by the Dr Pi Water during their extended stay in the country. nice post

19 11 2009

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