Reckless Drivers Are Runner’s Worst Enemies!(A Tribute To Jose Burgos,An 85 Year Old Oldest Runner)

19 11 2009

“Always go to other people’s funerals. Otherwise, they won’t come to yours.” -Yogi Berra


It is unlikely for a runner to  die of  heart attack but one of the major causes  of a runner’s death is due to road accident.

Today, I’m so enraged upon hearing the death of my running buddy, an eighty-five (85) year old  able runner, Jose Burgos aka Tatay Burgos, due to an accident while running. According to witnesses, a motorcycle (single) bumped him from behind and the impact was so damaging for him. Tatay Burgos died few minutes later at the hospital.

Jose Burgos who once appeared in Milo commercial as the oldest runner, was a member of San Pedro Running Club, in which I’m also a member. He was an ardent supporter of  many races. In fact, at his age, he was with my group   in races such as “Takbo sa Kabundukan in Rizal province, Mt. Makiling Challenge  and in Milo’s elimination”. Though he only competed  in 5k event, he was determined to show his passion  and support in the sports we love – running. He started his career in running at age 78, had been to so many races and at one time, climbed the Mt. Makiling with some mountaineers.

Runners are always the victims of those reckless drivers and it was  so disheartening  to hear  bad news such like that.

Can you still recall what happened to Mr. Ran Juan, the oldest runner last year? He too died when a bus sideswiped  him one early morning as he jogged.

Even if you’re running ‘ facing those incoming vehicles’  is no guarantee that you will be spared.

How many more runners like  ‘Jose Burgos’ will die a violent death like that?

Monching, JOSE BURGOS and Jt Oliver at the summit of Mt. Makiling on this undated photo.

Running strong at age 85! You’ll be missed…S’ JOSE BURGOS!!!

Our group will visit his remain tomorrow at 7pm. His sepulture  is on Sunday.

Well, that’s life. To reach age 85 is a big blessing already, and not all of us can duplicate that, but it should not be a tragic death.

Laws must be enacted seeking higher penalties for those unscrupulous drivers.

Again, How many more runners like  ‘Jose Burgos and Ran Juan’ will die a violent death like that?

God forbid more casualties. That thought alone can be so sickening, I can’ t even imagine it.

We run to live longer and not to die prematurely at the expense of those foolhardy motorists.

See you in NB half marathon!

God be Praised!





4 responses

19 11 2009

God bless his soul! Mang Jose will be running with the angels!

20 11 2009

ronnie, you just gave me an idea to my PAU & its membership protocol. i will make sure that membership to any sports federation or club must have an accident insurance coverage that goes with the membership fee. i am really sorry for the death of mr burgos. may he rest in peace & more time to run.

20 11 2009
rockandrun12 a.k.a. cesar

Roadrunning in this country is one of the most dangerous sport because 99.9 percent of motorists are road rage driven most specially those with the number 8 plates

So you owe safety to no one but to the Lord and yourself That’s why i always run against the flow specially during races where marshalls are inefficient and logistics for saftey is minimal

Been there done that during my early running years i live in novaliches and i do my road runs in Commonwealth Avenue one of the most dangerous roads in the world with an average death due to vehicular accident of one per week now that’s not good news

But i’m a survivor i do my run along the center island where i can jump on the dirt in case some insane imbecile on the wheel pull something funny while i do my road run

Mr Burgos is not the first Manong Raymund San Juan who was aiming to land the guiness as the oldest filipino runner died at 91 after he was run over by a drunk newbie p o 1 stubborn cop need i say more

Power drives one crazy and people on the wheel compensate with their inadequacies by pretending to be kings somewhat of the road

But these people are losers in the truest sense of the word Born loser and will probably fade away still a loser same with the gun totting crazy individuals

Nevertheless we move forward we are not stunned to frustration that one day we will end up with the same fate as Manong Raymund or Mr Burgos

No we adapt to these machineheads who have no idea what power seasoned roadrunners wield power resides on the those of us who rise above the obstacles that hinders our advocacy

We love life we run to live Long live runners

22 11 2009

This is so sad… untimely death? Whatever it is, I just want to rejoice. His was a life well lived.

Thanks for sharing the story.


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