Running With A ‘Battery Operated’ Heart? Wow!

19 11 2009

Allow yourself to be inspired. Allow yourself to succeed. Dare to excel.” -selected

I smiled with delight when I read Art Linkletter’s story of Wendy Stoker, age 19, freshman of University of Florida. Young athlete. She placed third, just 2.5 points from first place, in the Iowa girls’ state diving championship. She worked 2 hours a day for four years to get there. “Now she’s at the University of Florida,” he says. “She’s working twice as hard and has earned the number two position on the varsity diving squad. She’s aiming for the national finals. Wendy carries a full academic load, finds time for bowling and is an accomplished  water skier. But perhaps the most remarkable thing about Wendy Stoker is her typing. She bangs out 45 words a minute on her typewriter with her toes!” And then he says, “Oh, did I fail to mention? Wendy was born without arms.”

source: A Time For Commitment, Ted Engstrom (Favorite  Stories And Illustrations by Charles Swindoll, page 258)

Similarly, I met a man during the QCIM and before that race started, I have the opportunity to converse with him. Let me call him Junty, a 50+ runner. At first, it was an ordinary conversation but as time progressed, that guy caught me by surprised. No, he was born without arms or any  disabilities  but he said his heart was only being operated by batteries, and he will try to finish a 42k race that day. His story was verified to be true by his male companion and Junty allowed me to see the mark on his chest, a deep scar where the operation was performed. I took him a picture but unfortunately, it was corrupted and can’t be uploaded here.

People like them continue to inspire me. They’re my idols…

Thank You Lord for I’m physically fit and have no  disabilities, and whenever I’m confused and discouraged, allow me to remember ‘Wendy and Junty…’

They will continue to motivate me run harder and longer.

And I did a 22k today.

God be Praised!




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