Fire In Your Belly!

23 11 2009

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in the man’s determination.” -Tommy Lasorda, American Baseball player and Coach.

One of my favorite motivational Speakers, Francis Kong, shared this wonderful story:

A very determined young man had been trying for months  to be granted an interview with a very successful company. After trying so many times he finally managed to get the Personnel Director to take his call.

The young job seeker asked  if he could get into their well-known training program. With dozens of qualified candidates already in his files, the Personnel Director replied, “I’m sorry but I can’t interview you now. Why don’t you call back  in about five years?”

The young man replied, “Morning or afternoon?”

Now that’s what I call…DETERMINATION! Wow!  I salute that young jobseeker for his earnestness and zeal.

How many of us can imitate his attitude?

Joining a race, marathon and ultra-running will require lots of perseverance and determination.

When I first joined my first ever  Ultra-Marathon (BDM 102k) last April 2009, I have a ‘satisfying’  time of 17 hours and 25 minutes, just good enough to beat the cut-off period of 18 hours. But I’m so tired and wasted for that race, almost died due to scorching heat and dog attacked.  As I ran there, I disfavored running and vowed not to join again.

But I joined again another  Ultra-Marathon (TNF100k) last May 2009,  one  month after that BDM 102k, and too my disappointment, I DNFed and reached  km 50 only. That Trail running was not feasible. The course was so sadistic with 5 mountains and 14 rivers, tornado, snake, rain, lahar flow and the ‘halt order’ from Organizer for almost 2 hours  in the middle of the race. There, I hated running and promised myself I will never run again.

But I joined again, this time it was my third Ultra-Marathon  last June 2009  (Botak 100k), and I was able to finish it again in 17 hours and 22 minutes, just enough to beat  the cut-off period of 18 hours. There, I got injured and can’t forget the view of Marikina Riverbanks where I ran 4x from point to point in the last 80 kms of that race but in that lowest point of my running career I told myself that, “More Ultra-Marathons to follow!”

After 3 Ultra-marathons, I discovered myself and started to appreciate it.

In those Ultra-running, I have learned the power of perseverance and determination. I just discovered my true self and my capacity as a runner. I’m a little bit more confident now than before. Experience is the best teacher, but you must be an ardent student first to realize its full meaning.

Just like that jobseeker, persevere and be determined to finish your course, regardless of how dim your path maybe.

And don’t be afraid to fail. Stand up. Rebound and keep moving.

Only in this way, we will be victorious.

Do you feel that ‘ fire in your belly’ that won’t let you go?

If it is there right now, I think you’re NOW ready!

103 days to go, BDM 102k! I can feel and smell it.

See you at NB 21k this Sunday.

God be Praised!




2 responses

23 11 2009

ronnie, congratulations for being a full-blooded ultrarunner. you are now much qualified as a member of PAU. see you soon!

23 11 2009

pls find time to register as FOLLOWER at this site will be the official site of PAU. thanks

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