Run With Horses!

27 11 2009

“If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses?” -Jeremiah 12:5

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In the Olympic games, the greatest runners of the world compete for gold medals and laurel wreaths. Long before the final race, competitions are held in countries throughout the world  to weed out those who are not fast enough to compete. At the Games, the fastest of the fast qualify for the final competition. They trained to be fast, if not the fastest. Their goal is not just to finish the race but literally  to outrun the others.

In some remote areas in Africa, their runners train with unfamiliar method,  they run against horses. Of course, they will not win against those beasts, but it’s their way of testing if they have the capacity to become world’s Champion.

In my younger years, I can still recall an old Tagalog movie featuring ‘Yoyong Martires’, the speedy point guard of Utex Wrangler of the PBA. His biography depicted a young Yoyong running against carabao. Later, in his prime, he became the  quickest and the fastest point guard the PBA has ever produced.

Now, going back to my quotation above, it was taken from the Bible in the  Old Testament. Jeremiah, the Prophet, was called by God to give the Message . Just like in our times, the government then was corrupt and there were so many injustices.

The prophet Jeremiah was also involved in a pierce competition- but it was with idolaters and wicked priests. He was responding to the Lord’s call  to condemn Judah and to predict her downfall. He became so discouraged  that he asked the Lord, “Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why are they happy?”

That’s when God said to Jeremiah, in essence, “The competition has just begun. So far you’ve been dealing with minor issues (running with footmen). How will you handle it  when the really tough  stuff comes (contending with horses)?”

Perhaps you’ve run into some difficulties recently: your boss, an illness, conflicts in the family. You’ve pleaded with the Lord for relief. But He may have said in response, “Toughen up. Dig in. It may get worse.”

When He asks you to ‘run with horses’, He will be with you to strengthen and sustain you.

That’s what God does.

See you in NB 21k this coming Sunday.

God be Praised!





One response

5 01 2010
Karen M

Thank you. Last year was a tough year for me and with the help of God I did not give up but I asked a similar question to Jeremiah. Why me Lord and why my friends who are not christians are doing so well?

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