What If?

4 12 2009

“No one can know the good life, without God.” -selected

Tomorrow morning, 11am to be exact, I’ll be leaving to Corregidor, some 45 minutes boat ride from Manila Bay. I’ll be joining the 16k trail run dubbed as ‘Conquer Corregidor.’ This will be my first time to visit that small island and what an opportunity to conquer this place  by means of running.

While some of my running buddies opted to join the Singapore marathon and Baguio City’s 30k race also slated on the same date, December 6, 2009.. I chose Corregidor.

I want to explore that island specially when I read the book of John Manchester’s, ‘Goodbye Darkness’, a true to life story of  an American soldier who  survived, and that person was nonetheless John Manchester himself. Corregidor  island  was one of the focal points during that World war II. It was rich  in historical values and fighting memories…

So, let’s have an injury-free running this coming Sunday.

By the way, I want to share this poem. It is rich also in values and a reminder to acknowledge God always in everything that we do…


What if…?
God couldn’t take the time to bless us today
because we could not take the time to thank Him yesterday…

What if…?
God decided to stop leading us tomorrow
Because we didn’t follow him today…

What if…?
God didn’t walk with us today
because we failed to recognize it as His day…

What if….?
We never saw another flower bloom
because we grumbled when God sent the rain…

What if…?
God stopped loving and caring for us
because we failed to love and care for others…

What if…?
God took away the Bible tomorrow,
because we would not read it today…

What If…?
God took away his message
because we failed to listen to His messenger…

What if…?
God didn’t send His only begotten Son
because He wanted us be prepared to pay the price of sin…

What if…?
The door to the church was closed
because we did not open the door of our hearts…

What if…?
God would not hear us today
because we would not listen to Him yesterday…

What if…?
God answered our prayers the way we answer his call to service…

What if…?
God met our needs the way we give Him our lives…

Let this quotation reminds us that God loves us and he’s willing to give everything even his own Son to saves us from eternal death. We, humans, must do our part for the kingdom of our God now, and hopefully, God will not say to you, ” You’re too late.”

God be Praised!




One response

4 12 2009

Hi Ronnie good luck on your trail run, hope your injury is now okay, i might join the 30k in Baguio depending on my condition tomorrow see yah!

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