Stars And Rainbow At The Philippines Star’s Celebrity Run…

21 12 2009

My unique race bib number at the Phil. Star 21K race last Sunday : ) Thank You Ian Alacar.

I arrived at the venue at 5am…

At the Starting Line at around 5:15 am…

At the Finish Line 2 hours and 24 minutes later…

with JR and Doc Chris…

With my Co-Ultrarunners Nath, Nicko and Pat.

With our muse Cassey…

Henry and Allan…

Rod Apolinario Aka Rodrunner

With Rene Villarta aka Jazzrunner…

Ultra-runner Cesar Abarrientos…

Received from the Baldrunner this 1,000 km Club t-shirt. Thank you Sir!

And of course, I should say thank you to peeps…

I’ll give the recap and my assessment for this race next time.

See you at the Rizal Day’s 32K race this coming December 30, 2009.

God be Praised!




2 responses

26 12 2009
rock and run 12 a k a cesar

Merry Christmas Ron and thanks for the pix When you have breached the 100k mark in running there is really nothing to prove anymore we just run and run and run until maybe we drop dead some day pero matagal pa yun after the hundred comes the thousand mark then probably the 10,000 mark much in the same fashion us joy roxas 5,000? so what’s next 10,000 probably we are so blessed we’ve got a good pair of hardworking legs much like the titanium legs of lieutenant dan and the will that will take a crucifixion to break!

Again merry christmas Jesus’ name be praised!

26 12 2009

cesar…yeah we’re so blessed and we have nothing to prove : ) See at BR’s 32k

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