Product Review:Spyder Sunglasses Ps Air 9s01

25 12 2009

“My sunglasses are like my guitar.” -Patti Smith

With Team TURBO LC (The United Runners-Bikers Organization of Laguna and Cavite), we biked today, Christmas Day from San Pedro Laguna to San Pablo Laguna, with an estimate distance of 96 kilometers back and forth. We started biking at 6:30 am and ended up at 6:10 pm, almost 12 hours, but the official time was only 5 hours and 16 minutes. It took us twelve hours due to many mishaps  along the road, majority of them were due to bicycle breakdowns. Flat tires, misaligned chains and muscle cramps contributed to our delay.

Seven bikers conquered that place, and I’m proud to be included in that group. I’m also thankul for Spyder, a company dedicated to the design, development, and marketing of eyewear, helmets, and other sport accessories, who provided me an elegant sunglasses for this quest and from now on, I’ll use this product whether in running, biking and in any endeavors.

Last Monday, I received two kinds of sunglasses, and let me make a review on the first one, PS Air 9s01.

Spyder’s  eyewear have conquered the summit of Everest, thrived in the humid jungles of Borneo, seen victory in Australian waters, and survived the scorching heat of the Sahara.


We prayed as we took this challenge…

With Joe Asuncion, Ramon Cenia, Nhadz, Ptr. Eugene, Me (wearing Spyder sunglasses) and Benny Marzan. Photographer RonRon Cenia at 6:30am…

Me at Calamba Municipal Hall at 7:45 am during our first short break…

I’m comfortable with this stuff, my eyes were greatly protected from sun rays and a possible foreign body in the eye…

That Orange house at the right invited us for a breakfast there at Calamba. It was 8:30 am…

As I waited for some of my buddies here in the uphill portion of Los Banos…

At Calauan Laguna at around 10:15 am…

Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo City…

We have a new friend, Ms. Joy de Gorostiza, former National Team Volleyball Player. Opposite her house, we ate our lunch.

Now, going back to my product review…



This lens type material was developed by the aerospace industry for use in helmet visors worn by astronauts. It is also widely used in bulletproof windows, airplane windows, and riot police shields. This material is 10 times more impact-resistant than other plastics, and exceeds the resistance requirements by over 40 times. Spyder Resillens is lighter and is about 20% thinner than standard plastic or glass, so they don’t constantly slide down on the nose. The material is a natural UV filter blocking 100% of the sun’s damaging UV rays without the need for special lens coatings. This is particularly important for outdoors sports, because researchers believe that overexposure to UV rays over the years has been associated with and other eye problems.


Polarized lenses act like optical blinds that rearrange light and let you see “through” glare. Polarized lenses are the only truly effective way of eliminating glare. Water, fog, rain, or early morning dew, have reflective properties, which enhance reflected glare. In addition to water, glare is also a problem on roads and highways. In competition, clear and unhampered vision can give you that winning edge

Light moves in two dimensions: horizontally and vertically. Vertical light enables us to see colors and contrasts, while horizontal light simply creates optical noise or glare. Polarizing lenses selectively filter out the horizontal light, thus eliminating glare.

Polarized sunglasses means: – Glare-free vision

– Enhanced contrast

– 100 % UV protection

– Less eye fatigue – Improved color perception

POLARTECH ™ Lenses come as either:

PZ – Standard 1mm Tri-Acetate The industry standard for polarized lenses recommended for outdoor leisure and light to medium intensity sports.

PCZ – Elite 1.8mm Resillens™ These special performance lenses are exclusive to the Spyder Elite Series. They combine the shatter-resistance of Resillens™ and glare-elimination of Polartech™ lenses which make them the perfect lenses for Elite level sports.


Grilamid TR90 is an almost indestructible homopolynamide nylon characterized by an extremely high bending strength. Remarkably tough, exceptionally resistant to chemicals and sweat, and highly resistant to UV damage and breakdown.


Specific frame designs have been paired with a special set of lenses. These lenses are designed to make a single eyewear applicable to a wide variety of lighting conditions; each lens enhances visual acuity in a given situation.

Spyder Quickchange models come with any of the following lens colors, see below to better understand which colors would suit your needs the best.

MIRROR LENS (gold, blue chrome, red chrome) 12% Light Transmission Metal oxide “mirror” coatings come in a variety of shades. These lenses are great for very bright conditions with strong reflected light such as water sports and driving.

G-15 15% Light Transmission G-15 color was formulated to emphasize the colors that our eyes see most easily and de-emphasize less useful colors. This lens transmits color the same way that our eyes are sensitive to colors.

SMOKE 22% Light Transmission These lenses filter infrared light very well and do not significantly alter color perception. These lenses come in a variety of shades and are great for moderately bright environments.

TEK RED 26% Light Transmission Red has a soothing quality that relaxes the eyes. This lens tint improves visual clarity and reduces glare that reflects off surfaces such as asphalt.

YELLOW AND ORANGE 70-87% Light Transmission A very good high-contrast filter. They are perfect for low-level brightness or varying and intermittent light conditions. Ideal for sports that require maximum clarity and depth perception such as shooting and indoor racquet sports.


These lenses darken on exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Once the UV is removed (for example by walking indoors), they gradually return to their clear state. Photochromic lenses rely on organic photochromic molecules to achieve the reversible darkening effect. These lenses darken in sunlight but not indoors under artificial light, as typical room lights do not contain the UV (short wavelength light) found in sunlight. These are perfect all-day lenses for sunrise-to-sundown epic rides, treks or road trips.

I highly recommend this product.

Go to the shop nearest you and choose the style that fits you at very affordable prices.

For more information, please visit

God be Praised!




14 responses

26 12 2009

Wow,that was an accomplishment during Christmas day and your sunglasses is too cool. I’m a biker too and a runner, wishing to see you in one of the races.

26 12 2009

Nice gadget out there. I’ll purchase one during this Holiday.

26 12 2009
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26 12 2009

San Pablo is a nice place,glad that you visited our City.

26 12 2009

When a Company sponsors a Christ-centered blog like the one you have, it only means that we, as a Christian must support their products too. Congrats Spyder and runnerforchrist for this partnership.

26 12 2009

I’m an avid user of Spyder too, and I’m glad that they support your advocacy. God bless both of you.

26 12 2009

smokinmelchor…thanks for the visit,yes I’m so elated when they chose me as one of their partners in the blogging world.

26 12 2009

nahkishe…well said, that’s why I’m now promoting their products even at the Church.

26 12 2009

andreif…we also ran in Milo San Pablo twice and it was a quiet and progressive City.

26 12 2009

benferrey…please mention this blog when buying. Let’s patronize Spyder. Thank you.

26 12 2009

emo_eroles…let’s meet at Rizal Day 32k if you’re available, and if you have a Spyder, please wear one : ) God bless bro.

26 12 2009

I got 3 Spyder sun glasses. Very affordable but very reliable as well. Nice review sir Ronnie!

26 12 2009

Sam…Congrats on your magnificent PR. Nice to know you have Spyder too. God bless.

15 04 2010

Any suggestion where I can buy a nose pad for my Spyder. Thank you in advance…

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