Cross Training:Biking A 105K,Conquering 7 Towns and 3 Cities!

4 01 2010

“The will to win means  nothing without the will to prepare.” -Jumaa Ikangaa, Tanzanian Marathoner and winner of the 1989 New York Marathon

Yesterday, January 3, 2010…I joined TEAM TURBO (The United Runners-Bikers Organization) in their biking adventure!

Only 5 of their members showed up but it was a memorable bike ride for me. Since I ran the Rizal Day 32k last Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009, I rested and so, this biking adventure was my first for 2010.

I’m so glad to conquer 7 Towns and 3 Cities…


1. Carmona

2. GMA

3. Gen. Trias

4. Naic

5. Indang

6. Mendez

7. Silang


1. Dasmarinas

2. Trece Martirez

3. Tagaytay

We started at 6:30am and reached home at 2:32pm.

105 kilometers. 3, 867 calories. So good. Not bad.

Starting area…

6:15 am…

At SM City Dasmarinas Cavite

Naic Cavite

Indang Cavite

Trece Martirez City…

Tagaytay City…

Thank you SPYDER for providing my sunglasses. I can’t imagine doing any  ‘physical activities’ without it.

Special thanks to TEAM TURBO, headed by its President Joe Asuncion and the rest of its members Benny, Danny, Ben, Genesis, and Nardz for allowing me to join them. They’re strong bikers and I learned a lot from them.

We will conquer many places by means of long  biking once  a week if I have no races.

This coming Sunday, another parts of Cavite will be explored…Malabon, Salinas, Noveleta, Cavite City, EPZA, Imus, Aguinaldo Highway.

And on January 15-16, 2010… a 400 Kms. bike, Laguna to Quezon Province and vice versa.

Above all, thank you Lord God Almighty for the protection.

See you at the road…

See you in Condura Skyway 42K on Feb. 7, 2010.

Did you know… From Audri and Jim Lanford

… that today is Braille Day? On the birthday of Louis
Braille (1809), we honor the blind. Born in Coupvray, France,
Louis Braille invented the raised alphabet for the blind.
Braille is read by passing the fingers over characters made up
of an arrangement of one to six embossed points. It has been
adapted to almost every known language.


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“That first peak is the best place to pause and look back, to
see if you took the easiest route, to learn the lessons from
the first climb. And it is the best place to examine the
terrain ahead, to change your plans and goals, to take a deep
breath and begin climbing again.”

— Michael Johnson

God be Praised!




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