Fat Ass 24 Hours Run…A Dreaded Race Not Suited For All Runners!

10 01 2010

“No man is sane who does not know how to be insane on the proper occasions.” -Henry Ward Beecher

I can’t sleep.

Even in my imagination, I can still see myself running.

Well, maybe that was  the consequence of running  24 hours non-stop with occasional brisk walking in between. Fat Ass 24 hours race is now over, but its effect on my life will linger as long as I live. Running longer than 17 hours which was my personal record in Ultra-running was surpassed by my achievement today in Clark Parade Grounds as I made 43 loops in that area with a distance of 94.6 kilometers. After that race, I achieved my 4th Ultra-marathons.

Only 12 Ultra-runners showed up to take the challenge and all of us came out victorious. This race is not recommendable for those runners who have no experience in Ultra running, but they can try and feel for themselves what it is all about.

The race started last Saturday, January 8, 2010 and ended onlythis morning both at 8am. The 2.2 kms loop  was the only route, making this race a battle of the mind and sanity. There was no registration fee, no cash prizes but it was a well organized race done by a dear friend Atty. Jon Lacanlale and Don Ubaldo. There was plenty of water, food, pica pica and time monitoring as well as  loop checking were  indeed unique and effective.

While so many Race Organizers are only after ‘profit’, this event is entirely different. We paid not a single centavo but we were overfed and treated like ‘Kings.’ Team Clark were friendly and you can feel their sincerity right from the very start. They also supported and guided us all the way. This race also put us to the limit as we enjoyed (and hate) every steps of that 24 hours saga.

I’ll give my full recap next time but allow me first to sleep big time.

Special thanks to Jeff, Abet and Isko.

To you, Atty. Jon…you’re not only an elite runner but a superb  Race Organizer too, brilliant idea, effective monitoring, together with Don Ubaldo. Thank you for bringing us to another plateau in Ultra-running. If I did not join this race, regrets  will all be mine.

Yes, right now, I am tired as a dog, but I will sleep as a god for I conquered not an 18 hours, but a 24 hours amidst pain, lack of sleep, discomfort, irritation, numbness in the groin area, blisters, hot weather during daytime, chilling temperature at night time.

After this  race, I can brag about one thing…

‘My ass is still intact but it’s no longer fat.’

To all who have prayed for me so that I can finish this race, thank you.

To SPYDER sunglasses, I used you 24 hours and I’m so glad I did.

To Beth Siojo, that tireless lady who inspired me during this race, thank you.

To Shower of Team Clark, Coach Red…thank you.

And most specially, to our Lord Jesus Christ, my God and Saviour…without You, I can do nothing.

See you in Bataan test run 50k in January 23, 2010.

God be Praised.

Psalm 118:8 – “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.” (NIV)

Are you in the center of God’s word? The very center of the Bible reminds us to trust in God over trusting in ourselves or other people. The next time you consider making God the center of your life, remind yourself to go to the center of the Word. Spending time in prayer and in the Word allows you to grow closer to God and stronger in your faith. Even in the most difficult times, trusting in God is at the center of His will for our lives.




5 responses

11 01 2010

congratulations ultraboys!

insanity loves company! see you at the bdm test run!

11 01 2010

It was a pleasure to see you during the run. I hope to see you in January 08, 2011 for the next edition.

11 01 2010
Luis Arcangel

Sir Ronnie that was so awesome. Oh my, it’s so crazy to run for 24 hours…. but I hope one day I can muster enough courage to give it a shot 🙂 Congrats again and rest up! 🙂 You deserve it!

11 01 2010

what more could i say, you are awesome! rest well sir!

12 01 2010

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