These ‘Fat Asses’ Set A New Trend In Running History!

11 01 2010

People have said there is an integrity about me, and I think there is. I don’t try to follow a trend. I have my own little path.” -Sarah Brightman

I’m an explorer and I love daring adventures.

When I read in Atty. jon’s blog about this Fat Ass 24 hours Run (as relayed to me by Francisko Lapira aka Isko, the Hunk) I said to myself that I’m going to join this race. And as expected, I enjoyed (and hated LOL ) every moments of it. Forget the pain, hardship and suffering I experienced during the race. It was now a history. Some called it madness, others were still in doubts, but I made it.

I conquered a short distance (2.2 kms route) but an incredible time- 24 HOURS, and a 94.6 kilometers.

I also subdued a 43 loops, first time in the history of my running career that I covered a 43 loops in the same area or route.

At 1 am, having been running and briskly walking for more than 17 hours- I ‘m so sleepy and even at running mode, I can’t control my eyes as it closed automatically. It was only then I stopped for a while, got a cup of coffee, and I re-assured myself that all things will gonna be alright. And by 8am in that beautiful Sunday morning, It was over.

Let me mention these ‘Fat Asses’ who have set a new trend in running history. From now on, our names will always be remembered as the Pioneers in the 24 Hours Run. Actually, we are  only ten  in this group:

In any order…

1. Ronnie de Lara

2. Jeffrey Abenina

3. Isko Lapira

4. Romeo Irevera

5. Atty. Jonnifer Lacanlale

6. Don Ubaldo

7. Mendel dela Cuesta

8. Elizabeth Siojo

9. Bert Sama

10. Marianne Fuentes

Furthermore, our  Certificates proclaimed…

Congratulations!This is to certify that you are honestly indeed a FAT ASS RUNNER for being crazy enough to run around in circles in the Clark Parade Grounds for 24 hours straight, completing 43 loops, covering a total distance of 94.6 kilometers. This Certificate serves as your bragging rights and a reminder of your lapse in sanity.

As Tom Hanks once said, ” If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.”

See you in the 2nd edition of Fat Ass 24 hours next year, exact date: January 8-9, 2011.

More of this race, next time.

God be Praised!




3 responses

11 01 2010

That certificate belongs to me, and we have different loops and distances. Thank you.

11 01 2010

I have a difficulty in uploading a total of 29 pictures for this event. I’m hoping to fix things up asap. : )

11 01 2010
beth siojo

hi Ron, congratulations! yes we are all crazy asses hehehe. it was fun, i had some regrets about sleeping instead of staying at the parade grounds. God bless Ron!

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