12 Reasons Why ‘Fat Ass Race’ Is So Special To Me…

12 01 2010

“The power of a man’s virtue should not be measured by his special efforts, but by his ordinary doing” -Blaise Pascal (French Mathematician, Philosopher and Physicist, 1623-1662)

Allow me to share my thoughts  why the ‘Fat Ass 24 hours Race’ is so special to me…

1. It was the longest (in terms of time, unbelievable 24 hours) that I have joined in my entire career as a runner.

2. Although it was the longest, first time that I don’t have ANY BLISTERS.

3. No muscle cramps.

4. I knew now what it feels after running more than 17 hours which was my longest time before  prior to this one.

5. I met wonderful men and women, whose passions were also in ultra-running.

6. I was able to conquer ‘annoyances’ when it comes in running in loops. I’m so impatient during the Botak 100K four times loop in the Marikina Riverbanks, but here, I made 43 loops in a 2.2 kms route. This race taught me more patience and acceptance of whatever routes and loops  future races has to offer.

7. First time to enjoy a race like this, so good, so challenging, so tough, with many provisions-ABSOLUTELY FREE.

8. I was able to know deeply the characters of Atty. Jon Lacanlale and Don Ubaldo. Atty. Jon, who  was the strongest runner in that race, with 56 loops equals to 123.2 kms and Don at the 2nd place but they voluntarily disqualified themselves because they  were  the Organizers, thus a different runner emerged as the Fat Ass King and a runner-up, instead of them.This unselfish act was indeed very inspiring, for none of the runners were questioning them but they did it. : ) I just want to proclaim their unselfish decisions to disqualify  themselves in that race although from the very start, we knew that they were both   participants too. They’re men of integrity, their characters are intact. This blog salutes both of you.

9. In this race, I have seen a great female runner, Beth Siojo. She was too strong but a very down to earth individual. I’m glad she was crowned the ‘Fat Ass Queen’.

10. I was so amazed with the kind of special treatment TEAM CLARK has bestowed upon us, runners. In that 24 hours run, we were treated as Kings and Queens. We did not pay  a single centavo for this race, for the Registration Fee was absolutely FREE, and yet, we were provided with every kind of provisions…Noodles, boiled egg, bread, chocolates, lugaw, salted egg, banana,watermelon, salt, softdrinks, gatorade, rice, dinuguan, tuna, coffee, putot kutsinta, candies, pandesal, beer, bottled water, ice cubes, etc. -unlimited, bottomless, available 24 hours anytime of the day and night. And take note of this: There were no major sponsors that support them. TEAM CLARK shared among themselves just to give us a decent and a ‘one of a kind’ race.

11. I became closer to God in that race. Since I’m alone most of the times, I prayed and sung songs of praise while running or in the walking mode. I have so many shortcomings when it comes in my devotional life  in the past months, and that race gave me enough time to re-dedicate myself once again.

12. I can’t forget that place now, and I love it. Clark Parade Grounds, 43 loops in 24 hours equals 94.6 kms. Another Ultra-marathon for me. The distance was nothing, but the TIME which I conquered that day was indeed a RECORD BREAKING! For who can run a 24 hours during practice? : )

Thank you Jeff, Isko and Abet for a great ride.

Thank you, SPYDER, for my eyewear.

Thank you ALL who prayed for me before, during and after this race, specially Bishop Eddie Hernandez.

Thank you Flor for providing my Adidas outfit during the race.

And to my classmate, Cynthia…thank you.

See you at the races.

God be Praised!



One response

12 01 2010

Thank you for the kind words. Truth be told, the volunteers should take the credit for the success of the run. When Fat Ass was conceived, we only had the welfare of the runners in mind. After all, we are also runners like you. Of course, we are delighted that, as far as we know, this is the first Fat Ass in the Philippines in spirit (fun), concept (unique) and execution.

There are also other groups who supported this run like Pinoy Ultra Runners, Camanava, Team Hardcore, Tri-Clark, etc. in their own unique ways.

Above all, thank you to the runners (you) who participated. We had fun as much as you had.


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