Priceless Pictures At FAT ASS 24 Hours Race In Clark!

14 01 2010

“Keep on climbing!” – The Northface ad.

At Mercury drug monumento, 5am meeting place going to Clark.

arriving in Clark, 7 am.

Our water/Aid station located at 2.2 kms…

Very simple yet so big event tarpauline. You can’t really judge a book by its cover…

I’m not a fan of Jaworski, but this number is God’s favorite…He rested on the 7th day after working 6 full days in the history of creation. It was also my number in the BDM 102.

before the race…I used 3 singlets in this event…an adidas kotr blue, the bdm long sleeve and an adidas long-sleeve.

with Race Organizer Atty. Jon,our friendship started at the BDM 102. This guy inspires me, and one of my ‘angels.’

Where are the others? Where are the brave? : )

with Mam Beth Siojo…Fat Ass Queen! This woman is so strong and her credentials in sports is awesome. Nice to meet you Mam. : )

with Shower of team Clark.

Only few were chosen…

One of the witnesses of this big event, this simple TIMER never fails to monitor our actions, 24 hours non-stop.

a PRAYER  was offered. “Lord, give us the strength to finish this mammoth challenge…”

Boss Red of Team Clark, gave us some instructions. Oh boy, this guy was so systematic and  dependable. He monitored us 86,400 seconds that day. Thank you Sir Red.

wearing my SPYDER sunglasses at 12 noon. From adidas kotr to BDM long sleeve because the sun was so unforgiving…

at around 1:30 pm…

at 12 midnight.

time to apply petroleum jelly and change my socks at around 2am…

timing procedure was so unique and effective, cheaters will have  difficulties in doing their old, shameful tactics. I’ll discuss about this in some of my future article…

at 8:15 am, 24 hours later. These FAT ASSES set a new trend in running history!

I’m proud of my ass, so proud of myself! 43 loops, 94.6 kms…24 hours!

My reward, great and Marvelous.

See you in the 2nd edition of Fat Ass next year, Jan. 8, 2011, gunstarts at 12 midnight.

I’ll start training for it.

Hats-off to you, S’  Albert Sama for being the ‘Fat Ass King.’ You deserved it. And to all the winners/participants in different categories, congrats too.

God be praised!




3 responses

14 01 2010
isko lapira

ronnie congrats! ang tibay mo… anyways ngayon ko lang nalaman takot ka pala sa UWAK hahaha PEACE BRO

14 01 2010

Isko ‘the Hunk’…hahaha akala ko aswang yung nasa puno, buti alam ni Romy na uwak yun. Ikaw din naman eh : ) Congrats at naging halimaw ka sa race na yun, 50 na ikot. Next year gawin mong 51 ha, ako gawin kong 44 haha

16 01 2010
isko lapira

weh! 51 loops lang? balak ko habolin si atty. jon… kung aabot ako hahahaha

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