Effective Monitoring-FAT ASS Way.

16 01 2010

As we grow as unique persons, we learn to respect the uniqueness of others.” -Robert Schuller

I really appreciate the effective monitoring done by Fat Ass Organizers and its staff. Their system was unique, efficient and convincing.

Let me prove my point.

Here are some pictures…

My race bib before the race…

My race bib after the race… Those black stickers signified the numbers of loops I’ve made in that 24 hours race. A staff was assigned to put that black sticker everytime I reached the 2.2 kms loop. And so with the others. I made 43 loops. You van count it to believe it : )

The List of Runners before the race…

After the race…we were obliged to write the time every loop, while  Boss Red is  meticulously watching  us. After verification, he affixed a red icon as a proof that it was authentic. (Note: I was not able to photograph the last page)

There is a saying that…

He that is faithful in little will be entrusted with much more.

FAT ASS Race was a big success because the people behind this event were true runners. Is there a need for me to elaborate more? : )

See you in the BDM test run this coming Saturday.

LONG is better than short. : D

God be Praised!



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