The Day I Invaded The Aguinaldo Shrine By Means Of Biking…

18 01 2010

‘Act like a horse. Be dumb. Just RUN.’ -jumbo elliott,mentor to 28 Olympic runners,1949 to 1981

January 16, 2010

91 kms bike

Laguna to Aguinaldo Shrine Kawit Cavite

Aguinaldo Mansion 11:35 am.

I salute a great warrior and a true hero, General Emilio Aguinaldo in his actual final resting place.

I would like to thank the following people for making this journey truly a wonderful adventure:

-Benny, Danny and Ben of TEAM TURBO.

-Benson and Jenny de Lara Tan for a sumptous breakfast that day.

-Security Guard for allowing us enter that shrine eventhough were not wearing a casual attire.

-SPYDER for my sunglasses.

-my family, for their endless support during my biking trip.

Most of all, to our God for protecting me  thrice during that journey. I knew His  ‘Angels’ were with me.When that tricycle bumped me,when I lost my momentum in a zigzag area,and when at full speed,my quick release malfunctioned.That near death experiences made me more dependent and trusting in His Power…

More historic places to conquer soon.

God be Praised!




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18 01 2010


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5 02 2010
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