Joining The BDM102K Test Run…Why Not???

21 01 2010


“Damage assessment at that point was a slightly bleeding groin rash, a chapped butt crack, some type of minor foot sprain, and two blackened big toe nails! Not too bad, I thought.”  -Mark Crisman after finishing the 2007 Rocky Raccoon 160K Run

Tomorrow, January 23, 2010…will be the BDM ‘test run’ and it will start in kilometer 0 in Hermosa Mariveles Bataan and will end in km 50, in Abucay Bataan and let me share my thoughts why everybody who register for this event or even those who just want to conquer this place  must join the said activity:

1. Good opportunity to reckon the place.

2. Nice to see old and familiar faces, as well as those newbies in ultra-running.

3. Great chance to see those places from km 0 to km 50. Last time, during the first edition of BDM 102, I was not able to view the route, for the race started at 12 midnight.

4. It will benefit the runners for they can do their game plan after the test run.

5. It is an excellent preparation for the Condura 42k.

6. This will give participants the  chance to gauge themselves.

7. It can boost their morale and self-confidence.

8. This will mean another uncharted territoy. Go and conquer it, outside your comfort zone.

9. This is another Ultra-marathon, it is a 50K!

10. By joining this test run, we are complying with the Organizer.

Remember, this is not a race. Have fun, enjoy, chilax. The real battle is on March 6, 2010.

Whatever your strategy is, I’m happy for you.

Congrats and welcome to the ‘crazy’ world of Ultra-running.

See you there.

God be Praised!

My first day of running after FAT ASS 24 hours run. Thank you SPYDER for my sunglasses.




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