The Day I Forgot That I’m A Runner…

25 01 2010

“If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.” -T. Alan Armstrong

Since the Fat Ass 24 hours RUN in Clark last January 7, 2010,  I spent most of my training in biking.  I am ready for another biking adventure today when I realized it has been days that I don’t have a ‘quality’ run, so I changed my attire from a biking jersey to a singlet, from cleats to running shoes, and I did run a 1 and a half hours this morning.

This was the day I forgot that I’m a runner maybe  because…

-That 24 hours run transformed me into something. I passed an ultimate test of endurance and for me, I reached my pinnacle at that point. No more challenges. Nothing to prove. This thought is very deceiving and to tell you honestly, as a mere mortal, I do have a hard time putting this into subjection. No, I’m not bragging about it, but after that 24 hours race, I can no longer see myself running under the 42k category. And since  my feet werestill  at the recovery mode, I’m lazy to run, so lazy…for I knew I cannot run longer than expected.

-Biking gave me some time to relax and enjoy different places, while at the same time, doing an exercise. Imagine biking a 35-55 kms per hour, at full speed, conquering places I cannot subdue while running.

-I like my new group of friends in biking. They are amazing guys full of different stories, very inspiring. At first, I thought that biking is easier than running, but it is NOT! They are different.

-I appreciate the ‘new  kind of execise’ biking has brought into my legs.

-A very good cross training, biking complements with running and vice versa. These two can be identical twins, good friends and a loving mate, inseperable and compatible.

But this morning, I remember that I’m a RUNNER, and once a runner, always a runner.

I made a vow to myself, I bike to run, I run to bike-and offer these two to God.

Congratulations to all who have  joined and finished the BDM test run last Saturday.

My condolence to my running buddy, Rod Cameros, whose  father died today.

See you at the Condura 42k.

God be Praised!

My biking adventure in Nuvali Sta.Rosa Laguna last Friday.



10 responses

26 01 2010

Don’t forget the principle of specificity of training. Either running or cycling becomes the staple but both cannot be staple at the same time. One must be complementary.

But then again, who am I to preclude someone from enjoying what he enjoys doing? See you in Condura.

27 01 2010

sir ron! hope we to see you at the Midnight Run 🙂 kwentuhan mo naman kami ni mylene habang paikot ikot sa oval. sure na chicken lang sayo ung 6 hours na paikot ikot hehe.
God bless!


27 01 2010

Atty Jon…yes, my first love is running. Nothing can replace it. : D See you in the Condura.

27 01 2010

Tina…I missed you and Mylene in the BDM test run last Saturday and yes, I’ll join the midnight run this coming Sunday…kakahiya na sa inyo eh hehe. Kitakits.

27 01 2010

yey! you are coming! i am reading na nga ren your posts on last year’s BDM, ngayon ko lang nahanap haha.
see you!

27 01 2010

Tina…sana may mapulot ka dyan kahit konti haha. Congrats sa results ng mga races mo, and lakas mo talaga.

27 01 2010

may mapupulot ako sure na yan. ikaw pa 🙂 kahit nga sticker sa jeep nakukuhanan naten ng aral eh hahaha.
naku sir ron, kinakabahan pa ren tlaga ako sa bdm, kasi ung test run nung sabado wala pa sa kalahati, at sabi nga nila the real race starts after Km70. scary haha.
see you soon!

27 01 2010

hahaha ikaw pa,kayang kaya mo yan.Basta tip ko sayo, magreserve ka ng lakas mula km 70 to 102, andun tlaga ang real battle,dun maraming natirik. Make a gameplan suitable for you coz we have different capacities and skills. Above all, PRAY! See you.

28 01 2010

ronnie see you again sa midnite run, na miss ka namin last BDM test run!!!

28 01 2010

Isko…yup, I’ll be there in the midnight run at namissed ko din kau.Sana itinakbo nyo na din ako sa test run at nagdoble ng 50k for me haha

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