74…The Condura ‘Skyway’ 42K!

28 01 2010


Last Sunday, I was able to register in the Condura 42K in ATC Alabang and I’m glad I did since I’m a regular participant of this  event yearly. Twelve of my running buddies here in Laguna will also join, and as early as 2 am on February 7, 2010, we will invade Skyway to run the full marathon.

This will be my 8th   42Ks and 74th races in my 3 year career as a runner.

Also, my 2nd for this year after that unforgettable ’24 Hours Fat Ass Run’ in Clark last January 7, 2010.

And speaking of Race Schedule, I have only 6 races lined-up for me this year. Yeah, too few but very tough and challenging…

-Fat Ass 24 Hours Race in Clark -DONE!

-Condura 42K in Skyway

-BDM 102K Ultramarathon from Bataan to Pampanga

-TNF 100K Trail Run  in Baguio City

-Independence Day 160K Ultramarathon

-Milo Elimination 42K in Manila

Quality not quantity. The longer, the better.

With those tough schedules ahead of me, I must devote myself in training, nutrition, sleep, rest and prayer.

No more basketball for me which can cause injury.

As a cross-training, I will embrace road biking, body building and yoga.

And If time still permits me, mountain climbing and Triathlon are on top of my list.

Reading good books and playing chess would  be my mental training.

Some of my friends advised me to ‘cool down’ and I just told them, it’s my lifestyle. I can’t imagine myself not doing any physical sports in a day and perspiration for me is an outlet to relax and enjoy life as it is. Take away those things and I’m dead.

I have no vices whatsoever, just pure sports and books.

A boring life?


Absolutely not.

For in it, I’ve found the real treasure- THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE!

See you in the Skyway. Don’t forget to bring your e-pass. : D

God be Praised!

Me, at TNF 100K trail run in Clark. This is where I got the logo for this blog.




6 responses

29 01 2010

I am really hoping the Indepedence Day 100 miler will push through. About time. We might as well choose a good venue which we can use yearly and all year round. That way, we can hold races of 50K, 50 miler, 100k and 160K and 24hr and 48hr strategically held throughout the year.

It wil be best if the course is imbued with historical significance as well like Death March. It is a good way of remembering where we were and to where we are heading.

Goodluck during Condura!

29 01 2010
runningshield - patrick concepcion

Thank you for your support. pls check my website for the updated 42k

pls note : like you i reside in the south of manila. we will close the skyway at 12 midnight. so expect heavy traffic. if you can try to sleep near the race site. i myself may sleep in makati. Congratulations. see you in the starting line.

29 01 2010

S’ Patrick…Condura is a race which I’ll join yearly, most specially now that it has a full marathon. Thanks for the input and for the advice. See you. 😀

29 01 2010

Atty Jon…let’s hope and pray that it’s a go. And if we could also consider beautiful places with less pollution during Ultra, like Vigan, Pagudpod and Tagaytay.
See you in Condura 😀

29 01 2010
Luis Arcangel

Good luck for COndura and BDM Sir Ronnie, see you there 🙂

29 01 2010

Luis…Thank you.Ganda nun,sa Skyway 😀

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