Blunders At The Skyway 42K!

7 02 2010

“In my own experience, undertraining is slightly better than overtraining!” -Ronnie Oliver de Lara

Me at the Skyway Hill during the race.

Ultra-runner and one  of my team mates Enrico Tocol…

At the finish line.

With Sunday Warrior, Ralph the 3.26 guy (yahoo!) and my buddies from Laguna.

Bert, Vic, Mon, Conrad, Me and Ferdie. (mga Adik ng Laguna :D)

Mga pilit na ngiti matapos ang madugong 42K 🙂

More pictures to follow.

I finished my 8th 42K  and my 75th races yesterday, February 7, 2010 with a miserable time of 5 hours and 17 minutes based on the Official Result. Pardon me to say the word ‘miserable’ for I can do better than that time, but carelessness and over training led to my downfall. No, I’m not making any alibis or excuses as I’ve said in my shutout in facebook but there are reasons attributed to this poor performance, which served as again lesson (how many times we will ever learn from our mistakes?) and a good reference for  future races to come.

1. Over training – Prior to this race, look at my activities:

Feb. 1   -biked 4 hours + in Cardiac Arrest Hill in Westgrove Sta. Rosa Laguna, the toughest in terms of elevation.

Feb. 2   -ran a 22 kms.

Feb. 3   -biked at the Daang Hari in 3 hours.

Feb. 4   -ran a 30 kms.

Feb. 5   -biked to ATC and SM Molino in more than 3 hours.

Feb. 6   -walked 1 hour and  minutes.

Feb. 7   -Skyway 42K

2. Poor Preparation -the day before the race, I searched and purchased my new hydration belt from 10am up to 5pm. It took me several hours because I can’t find one. I went first to ATC Alabang, then to SM Southmall- Festival Mall but ended up in SM Sta. Rosa Laguna where I was able to buy one.

I should have rested and sleep the whole day of Saturday, instead of loitering around. And only slept just 2 hours. Sometimes, I can give good advise but I’m the one who deviated from this. Tsk Tsk…

3. Had a hard time with my new hydration belt. Since this was very new, I have no time anymore  to test this stuff while running. During  race day, it gave me discomfort particularly in my groin area. DEUTER NORDIC II is the brand and it can contain upto 2 liters of liquid. I will discuss it separately.

4. Although I took 2 immodiums 2 hours before the race, I was not spared for that shameful ‘call of nature’ predicament. Before me and my group traveled  from Laguna to the Fort, I tried to ‘unload’ at 1 am but nothing happened. We took off at 1:30 am and there at the C.R at the Fort, I tried with all my might to ‘unload’ again but no success. And my worst nightmare happened there at the Skyway, good thing there was a portalet. But it took me 16 minutes to get it done and some time more to keep my pace going.

5. Although my heart and my brain were prepared, my legs were not! Early at the race, there was this numbness and heaviness due to over training. Only my  iron will allowed me to finish that event.

6. Side stitches, cuts and minor blisters also played negative roles that sealed my doom.

Well, we can learn from our mistakes. But regret and remorse  are heavy to bear. I must forgive myself. Instead of licking up  my wounds, I’ll look up again at the brighter side of life.

Thank you SPYDER and to all who have prayed for me, my heart is with you.

This is a 2 part series. My next topic deals with the race itself and my rating for this race.

But I’ll give you a hint now:  Condura race really impresses me.

That’s it for now.

To all who have joined, finished or DNF the said race, Congratulations! Your time is not that important, but the way you have played the game matters most.

God be Praised!




14 responses

7 02 2010

congratulations Ronnie. . .nice to meet you personally. . . see you at km 0 . . BDM here we come! ! !

8 02 2010

Doc…Congrats too. And yes, we will conquer BDM this coming March 6…this time not for the sake of the dolphins but for those unsung heroes of Bataan : ) See you again.

8 02 2010

Hi Ronnie nice running with you at the skyway, thanks for the pics!

8 02 2010

Hello Chito…you’re welcome And see you at the BDM. God bless.

8 02 2010

congrats ronnie! ingat sa overtraining, boss!
goodluck sa BDM!
God bless!

8 02 2010

Thank you Rod. I have to postpone my biking trip today to Palace in the Sky in Tagaytay. See you at the BDM. God bless you too.

8 02 2010

bro congrats on our finish of the race last sunday. ok lang yang mga mistakes, we just have to learn from them the next time. salamat sa pic pala. buti na lang nagkita tayo sa taas ng flyover towards villamor, ito yata yung highest point ng ruta. thanks again bro! and see you in the next races! god bless bro!

8 02 2010

Rico…bro sometimes, we have so many activities only to find out, we have no more gas on the race day itself. We forgot to recharge, and rest days are crucial. That’s why 2 weeks before BDM 102, I vow to completely rest. Thank you for that nice shot and see you at the BDM.

9 02 2010

Perhaps, you forgot to taper properly for Condura. Your legs were not “fresh” coming into the race. Also, 2 weeks of “complete rest” before BDM may not be a good idea. Tapering is not cessation of running activities but cutting down on mileage.

Nice to see you and other runners after the Condura race. Congrats on your 8th marathon. Train hard, rest well.

9 02 2010

Thanks for the input, I’ll put that in mind. Congrats for another splendid 42K finish. God bless.

9 02 2010
Vic Astudillo II

Nice pics! Kuha seryoso at patawa mode ng grupo. You’re right its not the time but how you played the game.

Let’s keep on looking forward. Baka madapa kapag lumingon ka habang tumatakbo. 🙂

9 02 2010

Vic…congrats on your first marathon and a great finish.Next time, ultramarathon na : )

10 02 2010
Bong Ortiz

Congrats again Ronnie! sa akin mabilis na time mo. Siguro nga overtraining ka. Mag taper ka siguro next time.

10 02 2010

Bong…Thank you for the advice and for the visit. God bless bro.

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