Doing An ‘Aerial Runway’ (Fox Fly) For The Very First Time!

11 02 2010

Be careful going in search of adventure – it’s ridiculously easy to find.
William Least Heat-Moon

Feb. 11, 2010

During my last post, I said  that I’m going to do a trail-running activity on this date. And I’m glad that I did, for I hit two birds in one stone.

First, I ran 7 hours and in the middle of my breaks, I did one of the most daring adventure I could ever imagine in my whole life and that was- to do a ZIP LINE, better known as ‘Aerial Runway or fox fly.’

But before that, let me give you a brief history…

Since childhood, I can’t climb a tree, can’t even  ride a ferris wheel. I’m afraid of looking from a building below. It was said that it ran in the blood, for my dad has the same fear too. I can do all other sports  except  one.  That’s also the reason why I can’t travel by plane. The last time I visited HK, I’m so nervous and needed to drink barbiturates so that I could sleep during that short trip.

While inside the ‘Philip’s Sanctuary’ in Antipolo Rizal yesterday, I saw a group of students who were having a field trip and when I’m about to have a break, I saw them doing  this odd sports, ‘fox fly.’ At first, I just ignored them for I don’t care. I went there to run. And besides, I will never do such a thing, never in my life! I went to that area, just to watch out of curiosity.

But what caught my attention was that  this lovely 6 year old little  girl who lined up out of the many students in queue  and told her mommy that, that try will be her 3rd. I admired that little girl and went back in my running session.

But that scene was too nostalgic. How come that little girl can do it while I’m still so afraid?

And so, to make the long  story short, I’ve found myself standing in line, with sweat all over my body, buying a ticket.

And that course of action changed my perspective for the rest of life.

Whew! I’m so afraid but not obvious. First time to do this and it’s not my kind of sports. : (

I did it 3 times. Fear of heights was finally put into subjection.

It took me more than 5 hours drive (back and forth) to reach Antipolo Rizal from Laguna, but my reward is exceedingly beyond measure. Yes, as I’ve said earlier, I hit two birds in one stone today. Seven hours trail running and 3x one minute ‘out of this world’ Aerial Runway experience. The first hardened my legs, the second flattened my stomach. Both experiences made me a little bit ‘braver’ now. 🙂

I will include Aerial Runway (ZIP LINE) now in my sports and will soon visit Camp Allen in Sta. Cruz Laguna where the most daring Aerial Runway in our country is located. That experience yesterday (ZIP LINE) opened my eyes and I love the new excitement and challenge. It’s like flying and not just running or biking…. I did a flying fox position 3x, just enough for me to conquer my fear of heights! 🙂

Thank you Lord!

I’ll bike tomorrow in Tiaong Quezon Province, an approximate distance of 150 kms. back and forth.

See you in TNF Nuvali this coming Sunday.

More pictures to follow regarding this Philip’s Sanctuary trail run.

God be Praised!

Fear of heights is my waterloo.

 But today, I was able to conquer it, in the midst of my trail-running, unexpectedly. That Aerial Runway delivered me from my fear, and now,I’m ready to embrace it as my new hobby. Wow…! today is so special, finally- fear of heights- NO MORE! : )




2 responses

11 02 2010
Caloy 23

Galing!!! See you tom(Tiaong) & Sun (Nuvali)!

12 02 2010

Okay bro…we will be at Turbina at around 7am. I’ll update you. God bless.

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