Holy Run On Holy Week…A 250K Distance For A Worthy Cause!

15 02 2010

“Give time for a worthy cause (with eagerness) and you will be worthy  and richly rewarded.” -W. Clement Stone  (American best selling Author and Founder of Combined Insurance Company (now a part of Aon Corp.), 1902-2002)

What: A 4 days 250K Run for a Worthy Cause

When: March 30-April 2, 2010

Where: Monumento Quezon City to Baguio City via Kennon Road

Inspired by the Living icon in running and one of my idols…BALDRUNNER!

Everyone is invited!

It’s free,  but run with integrity!

This Run will benefit a ‘charitable institution’ of my choice (for those unfortunate children). Negotiations are being made but due to some technicalities, I’m only allowed to divulge the ‘name’ of that institution after that ‘run.’ But rest assured your donations will be given to them, and like the activities of this worthy run, it will be documented.

You can pledge via donation in cash -a minimum of P5 per kilometer or any sponsorship.

The names of all donors and sponsors will be featured on this site (you have the right to make it anonymous) and a personal letter via email will be sent to them as a gesture of my appreciation.

If you can’t donate, you can run with me in any given kilometer.

Or you can pray for me, for this is not a ‘piece of cake’ endeavor.

I’ll update you from time to time regarding the progress of this event. More details to follow.

For the meantime, let me announce those early birds who pledge their support for this worthy cause:

1. Dante Oliver    10K = P50

2. Robert Cruz   10k  = P50

3. Let Guieb (itsmysocalledlife blog)   10k = P50

4. Erick Guieb   10k = P50

A runner whose name will be announced soon pledge that he will run with me from Km 0 to Km 250.

All other aids, supports, sponsorships are welcome!

See you at the finish line and remember, God loves you always!

To God be the Glory!

My biking adventure from San Pedro Laguna to Tiaong Quezon Province last Saturday, February 13, 2010, a 13.5 hours endurance bike, from 6am up to 7:38 pm. More pictures to follow.



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