A 250K Run For The ‘Chosen Children!’

16 02 2010

“The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service” -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  (the most popular American Poet in the 19th century, 1807-1882)

Now it can be told!

My 4 days, 250K run from Monumento to Baguio City on March 30 to April 2, 2010 will have a worthy recipient. But before that, allow me first to share with you the progress of this herculean task.

I wrote a letter this morning…

Dear Lita Fullerton,

I’m a runner and I’m touched with the way you cared for those abandoned children.
This coming Holy Week, I’m planning to have a 250K Run from Monumento Quezon City to Baguio City dubbed as HOLY RUN on HOLY WEEK,  a 4 days running event from March 30 – April 2, 2010 and this run is for a worthy cause. I’m thinking of donating the proceeds of that event in your foundation if it’s okay with you. My friends will be donating a P5 per kilometer and I’m praying that many will support this worthy cause.

You can visit my blogsite at www.runnerforchrist.wordpress.com for more details of that run.
You can also email me if there’s any feedback. So far, four people already sent me a message that they will donate, each of them pledge a 10K each amounting to P200. Even if it’s only P200, my ‘run’ will continue.

Hope to hear from you.

Ronnie de Lara


And I received a favorable reply…

Dear Mr. de Lara,

Greetings from the Chosen Children!

Mr. & Mrs. Ron & Lita Fullerton have read your e-mail and it will be fine with them. We would also like to thank you for choosing our Foundation to be the recipient of your worthy cause.


Noreen G. Avetria, RSW

Program Director


Now, let me introduce to you the Chosen Children Village Foundation (CCVF). What is CCVF?

Is a home for mentally and or physically abandoned children.

is  located in Silang, Cavite, Philippines. The village is a safe haven, a home for life, for abandoned children who are physically and mentally challenged. It consists of several living cottages, a School, a Rehabilitation Center, and additional facilities.

Chosen Children Village is a unique concept in the care of disabled children. The village was founded by Maria Angeles (Lita) Peypoch Fullerton in 1989. Her vision focused on a home environment in caring for Physically and Mentally Challenged Children within a family setting.The traditional institutional setting was something that she felt was not beneficial to the growth and development of such special children with demanding needs.

For more info, you can visit their website:


Now, running a 250K will be with a purpose. Every steps count and for those who will support me in this worthy cause, may the Lord rewards you for this.

Let’s run for those ‘chosen children.’

God be Praised!



6 responses

16 02 2010

Sir right now I’m unemployed but I’ll not allow this opportunity to help. Give me a 5 kms. How can I send my donation? May the Lord bless you as you accomplish this worthy task.

Truly, you run because of Christ. 🙂

16 02 2010

I will pledge a 7 kms. Go go go Ronnie! Let your testimony shines.

16 02 2010

Reserved a 5 kms for me. Your legacy is truly inspiring. Keep it up brother.

16 02 2010

Amazing_grace…even if you donate a P5 for this cause, no problem. You’re donating not for me, but for those less fortunate children, I’m only HIS instrument. You can deposit it on my BDO savings account 5980027964, use my name FERNANDO DE LARA, but make a note ‘A 250 kms Run for the Chosen Children.’ or to my Chinabank checking account no. 2651999610. If it’s already done, send me a notification via this website or text me at my numbers 0928-5548057 or 0927-4123227.

God bless you more and may He give you the work immediately.

16 02 2010

L.Aniel…Thank you for your support. And pray for me that I may be able to finish this run.

16 02 2010

mesophotamia… Thank you for 5 kms. That is awesome. God bless you.

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