The History Of My 250K!

17 02 2010

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure” -William Feather

On the last quarter  of 2009, Baldrunner informed me that he had a plan of staging a 250K ‘run your own’ style  from Monumento Caloocan City upto Baguio City and I said I’m willing to join if  I’m free and no conflict on my schedules.

Last week, BR pursued his dream but I’m not available mainly for three reasons:

1. Feb. 7 -I ran a 42K.

2. I have a long bike to Tiaong Quezon last Feb. 13

3. BDM 102k is only 3 weeks to go.

If not for those 3 factors  mentioned above, I can run  with BR side by side as he journeyed 5 days to conquer ‘the Pine City.’

Now, my plan is to conquer the same route in just 4 days but not to compete with BR. BR is BR! He is my friend, my idol and I’m a keen  supporter of his advocacy. In terms of strength and speed, I’m nothing compared to him. Experience wise, he is my mentor, a legend and a hero. I make it 4 days to challenge myself that if a 50+ runner (BR) can do it in 5 days, I’m younger than him and I think I can make it in 4 days. But if in case I can’t make it in 4, I’ll do it in 5.

Now, regarding the donations to the ‘Chosen Children’ Foundation, it is my long dream of supporting financially an institution like that through my running activities and hopefully, it will continue even though that HOLY RUN on HOLY WEEK (HRHW)  is over. As a matter of fact, the 2nd edition of HRHW in 2011 has a venue already -San Pedro Laguna to Bicol Province, a 300 kms plus ultra-marathon.

Also beginning today, I pledge a certain amount on every kilometer everytime I run so that I could also have a donation to the ‘Chosen Children’ after I finish running the 250 kms. As king David once said, “I will not offer anything that will cost me nothing.” : )

Three more good Samaritans sent me a message via this  blogsite that they will donate a total of 17 kms. for that HRHW 250 kms. Run for The Chosen Children. Right now, I have an estimated amount of P285.00 to be given to those physically and mentally abandoned children. 🙂

Send in your donations now and be counted for this notable cause.

Tomorrow, I’ll visit the ‘Chosen Children’ Foundation in Silang Cavite via biking with TEAM TURBO to  have a formal meeting with them if possible.

Also, let me thank Ultra-runner Abet Henson for his intention of joining with me on the first day (km 0 to km 70) plus a free breakfast. Thank you brother for this generosity. 🙂

That’s it for now.

Remember, what you sow, you will also reap.

God be Praised!

The 13.5 hours long bike last Feb. 13, 2010 in Tiaong Quezon Province with Ultra runner Caloy Nobleza. Here, it was 1 pm and the sun was sooooo unforgiving! Thank you SPYDER for my eyewear.




2 responses

17 02 2010

ronnie, don’t worry. i am going to write a full account of my adventure run in my blog and you will be guided by my detailed experiences. rest assured, i will guide and advise you if in case you have any problems along the way. good luck & train well.

17 02 2010

Sir…actually i have my pen and my note now and I already started reading all your posts regarding that 250K run and i realized upon reading them all that it was so difficult. But I have to challenge myself and push it to the limit.Thank you for you’re a true gentleman. God bless.

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