I Survived My First ‘Triathlon!’

20 02 2010

“The more you help, the more powerful you can be.” -Ronnie de Lara

No. 1 at last hahaha

At the finish line 1 hour and 15 minutes…

After 4 years of running and 3 months of biking…I earned another title. Thank You Lord!

I’m amazed with my courage to join a triathlon even though I have no basic training in swimming. I can endure, no doubt about it, but the thought that I’m going to swim a 750 meters is really frightening. I can bike and I can run, but swimming? Never mind.

I can still remember when I’m still a young kid then. I used to swim a lot in the river which was so near in our house in Cavite. In fact, I learned to swim  at the age of 5, when a notorious guy threw me in the midst of the river which was so deep. I don’t want to die so early and so I kicked, I jerked, I  struggled until I reached the riverside. The bully laughed maniacally  upon seeing me survived, but I was crying then  because I swallowed plenty of water. Unknown to me, that will be  the start of my journey in swimming. I learned swimming in a hard way in an  unorthodox style and I paid a lot this morning in terms of skills  when I joined my first ever triathlon.

The event started at 6:30 am with I think more than 50 participants. I can sensed early on that all of the participants were all veteran triathletes, through their attires, gadgets and physique. After a brief introduction, the race begun with a 750 meters swimming competition. The pool size was 50 meters and so I need 15 turn arounds to get it done. Saying it was so easy, doing it was another story.

On my first loop, I have a difficulty in breathing already. On the 4th, I have leg pains, on the 6th, shoulder pains. On the 10th, I’ m so tired like a horse. But you know, I’m not at the bottom. Maybe I’m at the middle of those triathletes. My swimming style was ‘dog swim’ style only but I was able to catch up with them or subdued some of them.

Of course, I was able to finish my biking and running competitions too  in  decent times.

I’m overjoyed when I learned that I placed 4th in my age category. Way to go in triathlon but I’ll embrace it too as one of my sports.

Pictures to follow later.

Need to rest for a while.

God be Praised!


2/20/2010 Donors Update HOLY RUN on HOLY WEEK 250 Kms RUN For the Chosen Children From Monumento to Baguio City…

Dante Oliver P50

Robert Cruz P50

Let Guieb P50

Erick Guieb P50

Mesopotamia P25

L.Aniel P25

Amazing Grace P35

Conrad Aquino

Abet son P50

Juvy Pagtalunan ?

Jinoe and Quennie Gavan ?

code name:Matthew P5 per km for every km that I can run

code name: Pinay from Boston $50

Billy and Mai San Juan P1,000




7 responses

20 02 2010

Congrats! I’m also planning for my first tri this year. Is this a yearly/regular event by SPTUSA?

20 02 2010

Gleeman…I think they will do it regularly. On March 4, 2010 they have another triathlon in Pagsanjan Laguna…God bless.

20 02 2010

galing! congrats! see you in camsur? hehe!

21 02 2010
Yoga For Your Health

[…] I Survived My First 'Triathlon!' « runnerforchrist […]

21 02 2010
Life Runner

Congrats sir! I saw that yesterday morning on my way to school, I am a runner myself and after seeing it I just wanted to get off the jeep I was in and start running haha

23 02 2010

Congratulations Triathlete Ronnie 🙂

5 03 2010

@Sheerwill -Thanks Rico, way to go but I know I can join big Tria events in the near future.

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