Prayer For The BDM 102K!

5 03 2010

Heavenly Father…

As I come to You today with a contrite spirit, Please forgive me first for those sins that I have committed before You.

I’m asking for Your guidance and traveling mercy be upon me. While others are relying on their own speed, strength and ability, I will rely only upon You, for my full allegiance is on You and You alone.

Give me the strength to finish this race, to run with endurance and to test my limit. Protect me from any injuries, dangers, heat stroke, high blood pressure, skin cancer, blisters, cramps, hunger, fatigue, wounds, and any untoward incidents that can happen.

I’m also praying for other runners that they too will be able to finish this race.

Also, the Race Director of this event Sir Jovie Narcise aka baldrunner, his staff, marshalls, military personnels, support group, sponsors and everybody who will contribute to this even -that You guide them continually, give them wisdom and let Your power be also upon them.

I’m also praying for a clean and healthy competitions for this race, that there will be no drug-users, cheaters and runners who will leaf-frog from one place to another. Make us RUN like real men, with full integrity and honesty.

Father, I am confident that all of us will finish this race safe and sound, for I am dedicating this event to You, my Lord and Saviour.

Above all, let Your Will be done and not ours!

In Jesus Name I pray,






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6 03 2010

Hi! This is too random, but your pictures of Manila were on our lecture slides. 🙂

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