Leave A Trail! (2nd BDM Recap 3)

9 03 2010

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there
is no path and leave a trail.” — Harold R. McAlindon

Unknown to many, I’m afraid to join the 2nd BDM due to an injury called ‘plantar fascitiis.’ Maybe I got this after joining a triathlon last february 20, 2010, or in some trail running practices or in biking adventures particularly in Tiaong Quezon Province or in Magallanes Cavite.

That was the reason why I have no running sessions  from Feb. 20 up to March 5, a day before the 2nd BDM.

Truth to say, I’m not confident on this race, it was like ‘punching the moon.’ If not also for my two friends whom I recruited to join this race, I’m ready to push the  ‘DNS’ button.

km 0 – km 50

Not wearing any watch, I have no time target for this race. If I can duplicate my last year’s record of 17.28, then I’ll be very satisfied. My goal is to finish it within the cut-off period. If not, nothing to lose. If I DNF, that will be humiliating and painful -but I can move on. It’s not the end of the world for me. It is just another race. I’ve been here before, nothing to prove.

Running at a comfortable pace with Jonel, Isko, Arman, OJ, Abet, Jeff…the first 7 kms was indeed just for fun for we enjoyed the conversations along the hilly route. I’m glad that I can pace up with them even though I’m a little bit reluctant due to my injury.  Sensing my need to slow down, I stopped at km 7 where our vehicular support was stationed. I ate banana, refilled my canisters for I knew the situation that the priority of this vehicular support was not me, but another runner, Mon Gillego. Mon allowed me to ride with him together with Romy with a very minimal fare. If I can pace up with him, I’ll have no problem with my support (food, drinks etc).

There was no problem with the first 50 kms. I have to wait for Mon or allowed him in some instances to overtake me but not more than  500 meters. With that system, I can have the assurance that my supplies will always be on time, every 2 kms or less.

I reached km 50 in 7 hours and 8 minutes. There, I saw Mon resting. After changing my singlet, shoes, socks…I asked Mon if he liked  to pace with me up to the finish line, and he said yes.

km 51 – km 102

Still full with foods from km 50, I decided to walk the first 200 meters. It was then I saw Mon running, and so our commitment to run together was broken. It was alright. In running, there’s no such thing as teamwork. It’s an individual sports. We have different strength and strategy. Every runner is unique. There’s no such thing as equal strength.

Then at km 70, approaching Lubao Pampanga, I gained momentum and overtook Mon and  never looked back. I have only 32 kms left and with some money on my pocket, I’ll just buy my supplies along the way. I knew from there that the support group will not come after me.

The last 32 kms was indeed the toughest distance  in terms of heat and provisions I have ever encountered. At 41 degrees Celcius, I begged for ice, water and any sports drinks from any vehicular support. I stopped in some stores to buy liquids or bread.

At km 85, already tired and exhausted, I called our vehicular support because I have no more money. I just wanted them to send some supplies specially water, gatorade and ice. Within 5 minutes, it arrived and I was refreshed once again.

I reached the finish line in 16 hours 52 minutes and 42 seconds.

There are so many miracles regarding this race:

1. I don’t have any blisters, cramps, cuts or wounds.

2. No heavy midnight snack, breakfast or lunch and yet my stomach was almost always  full.

3.  I don’t go to the toilet to poo.

4. No side stitches.

5. My injury was gone.

I also want  to thank the following people, without them, I think it will be impossible for me to finish this race:

Thank you-Mon Gillego, Jerry Lita, Bert Rodillas, our driver, Beth Gillego; Jonel Mendoza and Arman Fernando; Fa’ar Nobleza,takbo.ph peeps specially Carina, Joni and Girley;Jonas and Shiela Compendio; Secondwind support group; FrontRunner; Team Hardcore; Team Turbo; and to that ‘guy’ along Guagua who gave me an ice cold water and doused my burning body with water.

-Chinkee Tan and Charit Agana.

-Vener Roldan and his wife, Let Guieb,  that guy who gave me pandesal, to a construction worker who put his water host outside and I almost took a shower, to that old woman who gave  me a bucket of water, Ronald Declarador and Luis Arcanghel Support Group.

-Mhean Sevilla, Flor Mosqueda, Emmalyn Ocampo, Danise Macaraya, Juvy Pagtalunan -these women who prayed for me.

-Chosen Children Foundation.


-Adrian and Audrey de Lara.


Congratulations once again to those who have joined, finishers or not. I salute you all.

God be Praised!




4 responses

10 03 2010

Sir, I’m so humbled by you having to thank me. The honor is mine Sir and I would gladly be of any help to you. Blessing to you and your household. 🙂

10 03 2010

Hi Sir Ron, touch naman po ako, for thanking me :). I was inspired for every blog that you have written and I really thank you for that…Congratulations on your new PR for BDM 102, you are an amazing ultramarathoner..:) Godbless!..see you on March 30. ^_^

11 03 2010

ur very much welcome….continue to leave a trail….more run to finish.. God bless you more and more.

14 03 2010
pinay from boston

hi Prend finally I got a chance to visit here, taking my time to read your blog, its truly inspiring. Shock naman ako to see my name (thank’s for the acknowledgement), you dont have to do that, but I know in your heart that is one way of showing your gratitude, instead of just saying Thank You. Congrat’s again and more power for the incoming RUN FOR A CAUSE, that’s kindda worry me a bit, not because its long, its the weather!. I wish I can help, maybe some day. But you are always in my prayers, and I salute you now in advance. Take care. God be with you/in us!

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