Sun’s Wrath! (2nd BDM Recap 4)

10 03 2010

“You must be a lotus, unfolding its petals when the sun rises in the sky, unaffected by the slush where it is born or even the water which sustains it!” -Sai Baba

The 2nd BDM 102K was now a part of history but until now, I’m still suffering from some ‘heat pain’ all over my mortal body. It’s because of the temperature during that event…

This reading was recorded in one of the runner’s support group, Luis Arcanghel aka Gingerbreadman during that BDM event.

And I was there in the middle of the heat…

My upper arms were so exposed, and now they’re  painful.

I googled the possible treatment for this, it says put aloes and so I did.

I’m so blessed to conquer not only that great distance but the searing heat of the sun’s wrath as well.

See you at the Awarding Party tonight. Please don’t wear any singlet -for a change! 🙂

God be Praised!




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10 03 2010
i_share runner

hi bro :), now that you finished the 102KM, could you finalize itinerary for the manila to baguio run this coming march 30 to april 2.

details like support vehicle, where to stay during the time period and others. i just want to see the big picture. i am planning to join you guys for at least the first day and support you on the 2nd and run on the 3rd and final leg of the run (tentative plan only).

thanks for mentioning my name in your article :).

11 03 2010

Jerry…I will. My next post will focus on that. Thank you bro in advance. I owe you already so many things. God bless. 🙂

11 03 2010

I dont know how you did that physically, looks like the Lord was with you every step of the way. All 102 kms plus the ones it took for you to get there as well. 41 c – 106 f. WOW. plus with the humidity. I dont know if you have seen the movie on Badwater, but it shows a guy training on a treadmill with a hose off of the dryer going into a suit he is wearing forcing temps upwards of 120f. That is some serious training. Look forward to reading about the upcoming events. Take care and God Bless bro! Now go stay cool, and yes aloe is very good for sun exposure.

11 03 2010
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12 03 2010

Sir Ronnie I also feel sorry for our support as well as their aircon probably wasn’t working well with that 41c temperature 🙂

I’m “afraid” of the sun so I wore a rashguard to have full coverage of my body but still the sun prevailed as my knees had the most tan hehe

Congrats again Sir! BDM150?

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