Puerto Azul And Caylabne Experience!

16 03 2010

“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.” – Special Olympics Athlete Oath

In the past few days, I’ve been into some difficulties.

It’s a personal matter and to be honest with you, I’m shaken and shattered.

Life is full of mysteries. Good times never last. Bad times do happen more often than expected.

Although I’m a believer, I’m not exempted from trials.

It’s a good thing I’m into  running, and biking and some other Sports. At least, activities can divert my mind and I can forget my problems at the moment.

Last Saturday, March 13, 2010, we biked a 120 kms in 4 hours and 44 minutes, average 21.3, maximum 47.3,  1,873 calories  in the most treacherous and hilly, remote area of Puerto Azul and Caylabne Beach Resort in Ternate Cavite.

In that biking adventure, I encountered two near fatal accidents during our biking trip. First, my drop out gave in as I ascended the hilly course in Puerto Azul and the second, my front tire collided with the back tire of my team mate in Dasmarinas, causing me to fall severely. In all of that, I thank the Lord for his great protection. I owe You my life that’s why I’ll serve You more. I still have the purpose to Live…

My bike after the first incident…

And it happened here at the hilly part of Puerto Azul.

Thank you SPYDER for my eyewear…my great companion during long biking trip such as this.

a great training ground for these bikers aspiring for competitions…

I befriended this biker along the route and I’m impressed with the name of their biking group. Would you believe that this guy is already 72 years old?

As I finished another long biking that day, I have a new strength to face my problems.

Life, even the hardest life, is the most beautiful and wonderful gift God has given.

To God be the Glory!




One response

16 03 2010

Well….I am glad to know that you made it back from that safely to be able to share your experiences with others. God was indeed looking out for you. Your comment “Although I’m a believer, I’m not exempted from trials.” I am under the impression that Christians have the most trials. We are constantly being tested and our faith’s integrity being stabbed at all the time. It is awesome to have an outlet such as running or biking to not only test your physical, but mental abilities as well, for most of it is mental. I appreciate and enjoy what you are doing here on this site Brother Ronnie. Take care and may God continue to bless you and give you strength. BTW – awesome pics.

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