Watermelon-The Best Fruit In Ultramarathon!

18 03 2010

“When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat.” -Mark Twain

March 7, 2010, at the actual race of the 2nd Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon at km 59….

After thanking all of my ‘angels’ in my previous post, now let me praise this delicious fruit that helped me a lot in finishing that 102K ultramarathon -WATERMELON! For almost 75% of my food intake during that event came  from this very ordinary fruit during summer and yet so powerful  in terms of nutritional value specially  during any endurance activity. This fruit sustained me all the way to the finish line.

Consumption of watermelons is a must specially during the summers to beat the heat and protect oneself from sun stroke and dehydration. -www.natural-homeremedies.org

And from http://www.hubpages.com

With summer fast approaching, watermelon season is now getting started. Likely a popular choice when you were a kid, this fruit may have become neglected in your adult years.

This is too bad though because not only is it a great tasting snack, it is one that will help you lose weight while also boosting your nutritional intake. One of the best things about watermelon is that it contains so much water. Especially during the summer months, hydration becomes so important as you are likely sweating more than usual, further increasing your need. Eating more fruits and vegetables is a great way to increase your hydration level while providing your body with plenty of vitamins and nutrients.

One notable health benefit of watermelon is that it can help reduce the inflammation that those who have asthma, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer and arthritis see. It’s always best to try and find natural remedies for your health concerns so this would be a great option for those suffering.

Additionally, watermelon is also very high in many antioxidants, reducing your risk for damages seen by disease causing free radicals. First off, it is an excellent source of vitamin C, with one cup containing about 25% of your recommended daily intake. Next, vitamin A is also found in good amounts, with a one cup serving satisfying 10% of your intake for the day. These vitamins will work together to help to reduce the risk of heart diseases and colon cancer as well as treating the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Another nutrient, lycopene, which is traditionally found in tomatoes, also is seen in watermelon. The best part here is that the lycopene is readily available whereas with tomatoes you need to cook them slightly for it to be released.

The consumption of watermelon will also help you to heal faster as one of the amino acids found in it speeds up wound healing and aids in the process of cell division. Take note however that most of this nutrient is found in the white part of the fruit which unfortunately most people end up throwing away.

The potassium that is seen in watermelon will help to reduce your blood pressure as it works in conjunction with sodium, helping to balance the sodium-potassium pumps.

Lastly, since it does only contain about 50 calories per cup, watermelon is easy on the daily calorie intake total and will help fill you up in the process. This makes it a really great food for any dieter to consume who is looking for a simple way to squash hunger pangs.

When choosing watermelon, look for one that is deep in color and doesn’t have many or any white marks on it. If you are buying a half a watermelon and can see the inside, try and have one that has dark black seeds as well and is heavy in weight for its size.

So next time you are looking for a refreshing summer snack, consider having some watermelon. It’s a great option for dessert too if you need something sweet to finish off your meal.

Thank you watermelon-we did it in 16 hours and 52 minutes! 🙂

So, treat yourself with this delicious fruit because  it sustained me during that race. Truly, all of the world’s problems can be solved by using God’s gift to mankind-nature! All we have to do is to open our eyes, appreciate and take good care of it.

To God be the Glory!

By the way, let me thank the following people who sent their donations yesterday:

Engr. Juvy Pagtalunan aka d’loner runner who deposited P500;

BFF_29 who sent $100 as my birthday gift to be used in my TNF100 in Baguio City.

God bless Po!


3/18/2010 Donors Update HOLY RUN on HOLY WEEK 250 Kms RUN For the Chosen Children From Laguna to Almost All Towns of Cavite

Dante Oliver P50

Robert Cruz P50

Erick and Let Guieb P500 (received)

Mesopotamia P25

L.Aniel P25

Amazing Grace P35

Conrad Aquino –

Abet’s brother  P50

Juvy Pagtalunan -P500 (already received)

Jinoe and Quennie Gavan –

code name:Matthew P5 per km for every km that I can run

code name: Pinay from Boston $50 ( already received)

Billy and Mai San Juan P1,000 (already received)

Danny Almendrala –

‘Anonymous’ UK30 (already received)

Pinay from Dubai P2,000 -to be used as my budget (already received)

Kenley Jones $50 (already received)

Jerry Lita -mineral water and Gatorade

You can deposit your donations on my BDO Savings Account no. 598-002-7964, Fernando de Lara, on or before March 25, 2010. After doing so, send me a notification via sms to this number 0928-5548057. That ‘foundation’ monitors this activity via this blog and my facebook account, so you can have the assurance that your money will be given to them.

God bless you All!




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18 03 2010

additional info:

The watermelon has a reputation as being one of the most refreshing fruit in the world. It is said that over 5,000 years ago it was a custom for an Egyptian peasant to offer the watermelon as a gift to thirsty travelers. It gets its name because of its high water content of between 92% and 95%. A variety of melons are believed to be of African origin. Watermelon has been widely consumed since ancient times, particularly in Mediterranean countries and in Egypt, where it frequently played an important role when water was polluted or in short supply. (The Visual Food Encyclopedia, p263)

19 03 2010

Great Post on Watermelon. Another great fruit for healing afterward is cherries. They contain a lot of healing agents in them. But watermelon is very very good as you say holds a lot of water for hydration. I have never had it at a race or running, but when my miles increase, I will have to give it a try. God Bless Watermelon!

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