Keep Digging!

23 03 2010

“You have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise.” -Hebrews 10:36

Endure and persevere, that is the bottom line.

Let me tell a short story:

AJ was forced by illness to take a leave of absence from his medical practice. He then decided to write a novel. But when half done, he became disheartened and threw his manuscript into a garbage can.

Totally discouraged, AJ was walking and saw a man digging in a bog, trying to drain for use  as a pasture. As AJ talked with him, the man said, “My father dug at this bog and never made a pasture. But my father knew and I know that it’s only by digging you can make a pasture. So I keep on digging.”

Rebuked and motivated, AJ went home, picked his manuscript out of the garbage can and finished it. That novel , Hatter’s Castle, sold 3 million copies  and AJ Cronin (1896-1981) left his medical practice and became a world-famous writer.

Source: Our Daily Bread

At times, you and I may feel trapped by circumstances that demand patience and persistence. Are we willing to keep digging away at whatever ‘bog’ God has assigned to us? The book of Hebrews tells that we have ‘need of endurance‘ and that we must ‘run‘ with endurance  the race that is set before us. How? By looking unto JESUS, the author and finisher of our faith.

Each of us is running a different kind of race called ‘life.’ Let’s have a courage to face each day with a hope that things will gonna be better and brighter. Even if our work seems insignificant, let’s keep digging.

Keep digging, even if:

-the sky is dark and you can’t see the sun.

-the scenario turns  from good to bad.

-the circumstances do not favor you.

-the wicked prospers and the righteous suffers.

Let me end with a prayer: “Oh Lord, evil prospers, falsehood reigns,

And darkness  dims the light; But I rejoice to know that Christ,

Will one day set things right.” Amen.

Let me acknowledge a dear friend who did a very nice ‘layout’ on my three king of the road singlets…

I’ll use it during my training. Thank you Elvis Reyes for a very nice job. 🙂

To God be the Glory!


3/23/2010 Donors Update HOLY RUN on HOLY WEEK 250 Kms RUN For the Chosen Children From Laguna to Almost All Towns of Cavite

Dante Oliver P50

Robert Cruz P50

Erick and Let Guieb P500 (received)

Mesopotamia P25

L.Aniel P25

Amazing Grace P35

Conrad Aquino –

Abet’s brother  P50

Juvy Pagtalunan -P500 (already received)

Jinoe and Quennie Gavan –

code name:Matthew P5 per km for every km that I can run

code name: Pinay from Boston $50 ( already received)

Billy and Mai San Juan P1,000 (already received)

Danny Almendrala –

‘Anonymous’ UK30 (already received)

Pinay from Dubai P2,000 -to be used as my budget (already received)

Kenley Jones $50 (already received)

Jerry Lita -mineral water and Gatorade

You can deposit your donations on my BDO Savings Account no. 598-002-7964, Fernando de Lara, on or before March 25, 2010. After doing so, send me a notification via sms to this number 0928-5548057. That ‘foundation’ monitors this activity via this blog and my facebook account, so you can have the assurance that your money will be given to them.

God bless you All!




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23 03 2010

I loved this story. Thanks for sharing. God Bless!

24 03 2010
Dennis Enriquez

My wordpress account na din ako bro! runaddict7227 ang name ko

24 03 2010
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