Dangerous Route!

25 03 2010

“Your life will either shed light or cast a shadow.” -selected

There are so many dangers when running the Laguna-Cavite-Batangas route this coming March 30 to April 2, 2010.

Consider the following:

-heat elements





-ultraviolet rays which are harmful to the skin

-careless motorists

-notorious people specially at night

-other elements

A friend advises me not pursue this ‘Run for A Cause.’ He said I can gather sponsors and remit directly the money to the foundation without running that elusive distances. It’s too risky he said specially when running against many elements and you’re there out of your comfort zone.

He maybe right, but you know, safety and security is everywhere too specially if you have God to guide you. And sometimes, those in their ‘comfort zones’ are not spared.

Let me tell you a brief story:

In his book, The Fisherman And His Friends, Louis Albert Banks tells of two men who were assigned to stand watch on a ship  out of the sea. During the night the waves from the raging storm washed one of them overboard. The sailor who drowned had been in the most sheltered place, while the one who survived was more exposed to the elements. What made the difference? The man who survived had those elements to hold on to. On the contrary, the man who was lost was in his  comfort zone but it had caused him his death.

I’m not justifying my course of action regarding this event but I’m putting my life at risk here. I maybe insane, lunatic and weird in the eyes of other people but I want to explore what lies ahead in running out of my comfort zone to the unknown. This ‘run for a cause’ a 262 kilometers event definitely will not make me popular, rich and powerful  but I will be one of the happiest runners alive if  I could finish this.

God has not promised to keep us from dangers, but to keep us through them.

Dangerous route- it’s immaterial as long as you have a BIG GUIDE to take good care of you.

And even if you’re in the safe route, it will not guarantee that you’re secured.

Remember the short story above.

Let us face those risky elements and say, “God is my refuge and fortress, in Him will I trust. I don’t know what I would do without the Lord.” Psalms 91:2

Can you?


3/25/2010 Donors Update HOLY RUN on HOLY WEEK 250 Kms RUN For the Chosen Children From Laguna to Almost All Towns of Cavite and Nasugbu Batangas

Dante Oliver P50

Robert Cruz P50

Erick and Let Guieb P500 (received)

Mesopotamia P25

L.Aniel P25

Amazing Grace P35

Conrad Aquino –

Juvy Pagtalunan -P500 (already received)

code name:Matthew P5 per km for every km that I can run

code name: Pinay from Boston $50 ( already received)

Billy and Mai San Juan P1,000 (already received)

Danny Almendrala –

‘Anonymous’ UK30 (already received)

Pinay from Dubai P2,000 -to be used as my budget (already received)

Kenley Jones $50 (already received)

Jerry Lita -mineral water and Gatorade

You can deposit your donations on my BDO Savings Account no. 598-002-7964, Fernando de Lara, on or before March 25, 2010. After doing so, send me a notification via sms to this number 0928-5548057. That ‘foundation’ monitors this activity via this blog and my facebook account, so you can have the assurance that your money will be given to them.

God bless you All!




2 responses

25 03 2010

A person could step right out of their home and get shot. What about all of those people that were in the Twin Towers just carrying out their normal routines? They more than likely assumed they were in a “safe” place. God does protect us. But when God decides to call us home, then that is your time. Run it and live life!

25 03 2010

Kenley…I have a friend who was living in a mansion but died so young during his sleep and another one who is too poor, residing on a nipa hut, with a very risky business of selling candies etc in the highways and yet he is now 50+ yrs old and still very strong…Things like that really amazed me and it’s a part of the mystery of God’s will…Thanks again for the input 🙂

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