Day 2:An Eye For An Eye And A Tooth For A Tooth!

31 03 2010

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” -Proverbs 16:9

Day 2: Cavite City-Noveleta-Rosario-EPZA-General Trias-Malabon-Manggahan-Trece Martirez City-Mulawin-Tanza-Naic-Maragondon- Ternate Cavite.

From 11:45 pm to 10:22 am, another 70 kms.

After resting comfortably in a cozy house in Malabon Cavite courtesy of a good friend who opted to be identified as just ‘Mr.Anonymous’ only, I woke up at 10 pm and ate a heavy meal, sinigang na baka, rice, 2 bananas and hot chocolate. It was a very good meal and I felt I’m ready again for another 70K, but prior to that, I applied ice on  my feet and elevated it once in a while. There’s occasional pain but still tolerable. I can still feel the pain on my heel due to that accident somewhere in GMA zigzag road on my day 1.

I went back to Cavite City via a jeepney, travel time was only 30 minutes because there was no traffic. I went to my km 70 which was the McDonalds fast food chain, took some pictures from my only source of photographs, a lowly Nokia N70, but to my disappointment, as I’m downloading it now, the outputs were corrupted…it was blurred again.

I lost it totally. I took more than 10 shots during that day 2 event, only to be frustrated later on with  a bad result. 😦

Anyway, things like that will never hamper my spirit to move on…

Unlike on my first day, there were lamps on electrical posts this time that guided me, on most parts of this ‘Run for a Cause’ except on some areas from Malabon to Manggahan. On those critical areas, I relied heavily on prayer and I sung songs that I learned in the Church when I’m still a Preacher back then. I’m also more accustomed to those ‘dogs’ now and a little bit braver in confronting them. In one instance, a dog attacked me but I just walked away, pretending I didn’t see it. Also, I showed those dogs my teeth and I growled  as though I’m ready to bite them too, and they just ignored me.

My backpack contains the following: A Bible which I read during break time, sunblock, first aid kit, head lamp, blinker light, extra shirt, extra short, extra cap, money, ID, atm card, credit card, a knife, 3 socks, plenty of Power gels, Gatorade Powder, soap, a perfume, alcohol, toilet paper,  toothbrush, toothpaste and 2 bottles of mineral water.

My belt bag contains: Nokia N70, iodized salt, immodium, alaxan fr, choco and coffeee candies, power bar and small flashlight.

When I’m still a kid, I dreaded the dark and the dogs so much, but now I can look to them straight from the eyes. I’m still shaking but no more trembling.

In a long route from Malabon to Manggahan, alone and in the dark, I saw a small nipa hut on the side, and I went inside  to sleep for 30 minutes. The place was too serene and calm and the air so fresh. I’ll never forget that moment.

I ate four times for this event, in 711, in Jollibee, in Lolo Claros and in a Turo Turo Store.

I’m thankful that still  some of those pictures were intact…Thank You Lord!

This was where I ate hotdog sandwich, a donut and a mild coffee.

Reporting live here from Ternate Cavite…Day 2 was accomplished!

I will rest in Naic and return here again tomorrow for my Day 3.

Please allow me to rest.

I’ll share many stories after this event.

God bless us all!




3 responses

31 03 2010

What a brave man u r, God really never leave your side he knows your good intentions & purposes for doing this kind of sacrifices. May he continue to pour his good blessings upon you & may you & him have a safe trip together in this journey, I’m so proud of you, be blessed. Thank you for the updates.

31 03 2010

my prayers are with you! you are an inspiration. Phil 4:13

31 03 2010

I hoe that you are taking good care of yourself out there. Your mission here is truly inspiring. Keep it up and keep up the faith.

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