Day 3: On The Eagle’s Claw!

2 04 2010

“Insanity is knowing that what you’re doing is completely idiotic, but still, somehow, you just can’t stop it.” -Elizabeth Wurtzel

Pardon me for the late posting. I don’t have internet connection for the last 2 days…

Day 3: Ternate Cavite-Maragondon-Muzon-Naic-Halang-Palangue-Calumpang-Indang-Mendez-Mendez Crossing-Tagaytay City

From 11:56 pm to 11:58 am

As I rented a tricycle going to Ternate from Naic to start my 3rd day journey at around 11 pm, I have a heavy feeling towards this activity, because last night, a not so good news was sent to me via sms. It was a personal concern not related to running but nonetheless, it affected  my motivation to pursue this ‘Run For A Cause.’

To tell you honestly, my body specially my legs were hardly beaten. In fact, pain was no longer tolerable but it was now obvious. I can feel it. It’s hampering my movement and my strides.  To make things worst, this sad news  greatly affected my running mood.

As I reached km 140, in the Municipality of Ternate where I  ended my Day 2 coming from Cavite City, the place was so gloom and sad. Lights were blurred and you can hear crickets in some parts of that town. I tried to document my Day 3 starting point by taking pictures but the same thing happened in Day 2, it was corrupted again. I don’t know what’s the problem of my Nokia N70…

Now, from Ternate, there are two ways to go to Tagaytay City. First, the route Ternate-Maragondon-Magallanes-Alfonso-Tagaytay City. This route is shorter in terms of distance but dangerous in terms of safety. Second, Ternate-Maragondon-Muzon-Naic-Halang-Palangue-Calumpang-Indang-Mendez-Mendez Crossing-Tagaytay City. I chose the second route which is  the long method of going to Tagaytay City, to complete another 70K.

I started my activity with a short prayer as I’m always doing and then I walked the first 5 kms going to Maragondon. The Governor Drive was silent with only few vehicles passing by. As I wore an orange Nike singlet, I reached Naic Intersection and turned left to Naic-Indang Road. I walked and ran, ran and walked until I passed Barangay San Roque. As I did on the first day onward,  I’m not looking on  my watch, for my goal was to conquer distances and places and not the time. This was not a race, but a ‘Run For A Cause.’

As I reached Palangue 3, the last barangay of Naic before Indang, I felt blisters were beginning to develop so I stopped in a lighted outpost, changed my socks and applied Petrolume Jelly lavishly.

I ran again and walked, but this time, in my mind, my personal problems kept on hunting me like an ‘eagle ready to devour a helpless chicken.’ I can run longer miles, I can endure, but please, spare me from these problems. All of us are facing different kinds of trials, and right now, I’m not spared, here in the middle of this ‘Run For A Cause.’ How I wished I could fly and escape my dilemma. I’m so depressed. I’m tempted  to stop this running activity and go home, face those ‘Goliaths’ and solve my burdens. But I can’t for I’m dedicating this ‘Run’ for those ‘chosen children.’ I will finish it, come what may and no matter what. When  this 3rd day is over, the last day will be easy. I must endure and persevere. I’m doing this for a CAUSE and not just for personal triumph.

After several stops which I could no longer remember how many, I reached the municipality of Indang Cavite -so tired, so lapsed, but I still kept my sanity and composure.

I ate here in Jollibee Indang Cavite

Here in Indang Mini Park, I rested for for a while, changed my socks, applied sunblock and I replenished my fluids.

I changed from Nike to my Official  singlet and now I’m wearing a cap…sun’s wrath was terribly obvious at this point.

The last stage of Day 3 was from Indang to Mendez Crossing and this route was probably treacherous but the cool climate made it a little bit  easier.  At this point, my cellphone’s battery was almost drained, so I needed to turn it off to save for the best.

Finally, I arrived in Tagaytay City safe and sound.

Lord, thank You for lending me Your strength and for protecting me from the eagle’s claw, at least for that night. I still have my problems but I know, You will deliver me from those trials.

Tomorrow will be the last day with a shorter distance and I’m eager to reach the Chosen Children Foundation which is my finish line.

Allow me to rest now.

To God be the Glory!



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2 04 2010

I am really proud of you man. May God bless and give you strength to complete the task at hand. I will be keeping you in my prayers for your run for a cause and for your personal problems as well. Keep well, and be safe.

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