Day 4: Running The Last 52K Or Biking A 192K?

4 04 2010

“We can’t go wrong if we follow God’s lead.” -selected

Upon reaching Tagaytay City on my 3rd day, I went home to deal with my personal problems. I have to face it immediately before it’s too late.

As I arrived home, tired and exhausted, I confronted the ‘issue.’ After several hours, I rested and did my best to sleep preparing for my day 4 or the last day of my 262 kms ‘RUN for A Cause’  the next day.

At that time, a member of team TURBO sent me an sms inviting me to join them in their biking trip to Lucban Quezon with SPTUSA  group, merging the two groups.  It was an almost 192 kms road biking back and forth.

I’m also considering that it will be very difficult for me to commute from Laguna to Tagaytay to start my Day 4, since it was  Good Friday, there were only few jeepneys and passengers.

I’m torn between two great challenges -Run my last 52 kms or bike a 200 kms and conquer Lucban Quezon!

If I will do the first option:

-I can finish my 4 days Holy Week Run which was my goal for this event.

If I will do the 2nd option:

-I can conquer Pila, Sta. Cruz, Pagsanjan, Cavinti, Lousianna and Lucban for the very first time.

-this will be my longest biking adventure.

-I can subdue the hilly part of Pagsanjan to Lucban, a 37 kms uphill route.

So choosing between two good options, I selected option 2.

We left San Pedro Laguna at 5:20am and returned home at 4:24 pm.

It was an 8 hours and 9 minutes continuous biking trip and distance -191.78 kms. I burned 3,393 calories.

It was so tough particularly on my feet, and in some point, I can’t hardly move my legs.

But I endured and came home victorious!

And with that biking trip with SPTUSA (San Pedro Triathlete Unified Sports Asso.),  we have now an invitation to become their members. This is an elite team during their primes  headed by popular triathletes Abet Alon-alon, Jimmy Lopez, Alvin Alindogan and the likes…

with team SPTUSA

By the way, let me thank UltraRunner Graciano Santos and another ultraRunner for they sent P1,000 each. I will give it to the CCVF on or before April 6, 2010.

Also, my friends Ferdie Valdez and Willie Eugenio for their support to me.

To God be the Glory!




4 responses

4 04 2010

Congratulations on your journey. it’s just sad though that you did not finish the original plan. you opted to go biking with your friends which was more fun that running alone. a lot of people are following your journey but you changed it on the last minute. werent you supposed to finish at the ccvf?
Still, my congratulations.

4 04 2010

Hi anonymous…it’s harder to bike than run specially with that great distance, but I chose that simply because If I will run again ALONE, I will think of my problems again. Unlike in biking, I have so many friends and our conversations during that long trip helped me a lot. If only I have companion for that last day, I will pursue it. I maybe failed to finish the 4 day running journey but am happy to do it in 3 days. I learned a lesson and thank you for your nice comment. God bless you.

4 04 2010

Hey Ronnie, I saw you leading a peloton while I was driving somewhere in Los Banos enroute to San Pablo. That looked a a merry peloton of riders.

9 04 2010
Luis Arcangel

Congratulations Sir Ronnie, tremendous and inspired feat you just pulled off for a worthy cause!

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