The Greatest Gift!

6 04 2010

“You comprehend my path and my lying down, and are acquainted with all my ways.” -Psalms 139:3

April 6, 2010

We biked in 2.31 hours, with a distance of 50.93 kms, all the way from San Pedro Laguna to km 48 Lalaan I Silang Cavite, the CHOSEN CHILDREN VILLAGE, to surrender the proceeds for my Run For A Cause.

Here’s the final list of donors who submitted their pledges on or before April 6, 2010.

Let Guieb P5oo

Erick Guieb P500

Engr. Juvy Pagtalunan P500

Pinay from Boston P2,200

Billy and Mai San Juan P1,000

Anonymous from UK P1,800

Melvin Parungao P300

Charlie Chua P1,000

Anonymous Ultrarunner P1,000

Graciano Santos P1,000

TOTAL P9,300

*Note: I’m still waiting for others who sent me email/sms that they will send their pledges within this week.

Let me acknowledge also those who helped me in finishing this magnificent task: (3 days running plus a day of biking)

Kelly Jones of Essence of Running

Pinay From Boston

Pinay From Dubai

Conrad Aquino

Ferdinand Valdez

Willy  Eugenio

Jerry Lita

Danny Almendrala

Team Turbo


and if I forgot someone, please remind me…Thank you.

With John Power, Pastor Eugene and Mon Cenia.

Although the total amount was only P9,300…I wrote on my pdc P10,000.

I surrendered that pdc to the owner of that institution, Mommy Lita Fullerton. Finally, I met her in person.

I promised also that if I could finish the 2nd bdm, I will give my first ever medal in running to a deserving ‘chosen children.’ Here, this young teenager was the MVP for their sportsfest and so I’m so glad to give my medal to her.

Biking from Laguna to Silang is not easy and I thank my companions for being with me as I accomplished a small thing for those ‘chosen children.’

I’m happy to do a thing like this. And those people who supported this ‘worthy cause’ may the Lord returns to you the amount you gave a hundredfold!

I salute those people behind this Foundation. You are the true heroes. And you have my respect from now on…

And to you, Chosen Children…you taught me to see life in a new perspective. Life is beautiful in spite of trials and sufferings.

This was the greatest gift I received for my birthday…that I was able to contribute ‘small thing’  with the help of my sponsors and donors to this great Foundation. And to You Lord, I bring back all the Glory!

God be Praised!




3 responses

6 04 2010

Great Job well done Ronnie. I am glad that you accomplished what you set out to do there. I am proud of you, and that you were able to help out those who need it. It is awesome to see people contribute to the cause as well, though I am not there, I would have ran a few kms with you for sure. God Bless you, and know that you are in my prayers. Take care.

6 04 2010

Kenley…I’m blessed to have a friend like you, a true friend indeed. Thank you once again for everything…prayer, financial support, words of wisdom and encouragement…I owe you a lot big brother, although we haven’t seen each other yet!
I pray that our ‘Heavenly Father’ continues to shower you and your family with His abundant blessings. God bless.

8 04 2010

Congrats Ron! Doing all this wholeheartedly is amazing. Thank you. God bless!

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