Within The Shadows…

15 04 2010

“Behind the dim unknown standeth God within the shadows keeping watch above His own.” -james russell lowell

Nothing in this life can be more satisfying than knowing that a Higher Power is always around you to protect you. I experienced this so many times while  running alone and biking a great distance.

Here in Caylabne Ternate Cavite

in Lucban Quezon Province.

Those 2 accidents were almost fatal and without the guidance and support of my Protector, I could be 6 feet below the ground by now. I can’t count the number of times I’m into a big trouble, but God always delivered me out of them all.

Maybe, God has a plan for me and my time here on earth is not yet over. But I’m always ready. Death for majority is a fearful thing but for those who trust the Lord, this is just the beginning of a blissful life- A place where there is no hunger, thirst, tears, trials, sickness and partiality.

He has given us all  -24 hours a day to do our task faithfully and be a good steward. Let us treasure every moments and as much as possible, live humbly and courageously. Danger is everywhere and only – the center of God’s will is our safety.

My rich neighbor died of a heart attack yesterday on the peak of her career, very promising and talented. She had so many plans but it was permanently stopped by that vicious ‘Black Ripper.’ I think she was  not yet ready to face His Maker…

There is always appointed time for each one of us and no one can tell when it will be. We must be wise by not only ‘keeping our physical bodies’ fit and healthy or being financially stable etc etc…but by nurturing our spirits so that it can be found ‘blameless and pure’ when the bema judgment comes.

This world is not only about ‘eating, drinking and partying…’, but by abstaining, praying and fasting.

You can count on God’s protection once you have accepted Him as personal Lord and Saviour.

And even if you feel you’re all alone with your problems and God is not listening, Remember…He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Without or within the shadows, trust Him at all times, will you?




One response

17 04 2010

You are truly blessed Sir Ronnie. I remember you posting these accidents before on FB, glad you came out of it unscathed.

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