A Real Man!

17 04 2010

“A healthy body is a guest chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison.” -Francis Bacon

This picture was taken sometime in 2009, during a body-building contest in Festival Mall Alabang.

Allow me to share with you a nice story. It touches my heart and I’m hoping it will touch yours too…

What does a healthy man look like?

I can’t help but recall a statement from a young guy who lives near us -a 16 year old high school sophomore. His parents separated when he was 8 years old. His father left and has never returned. His stepdad, a tyrannical and poor excuse for a man, treats him poorly. Tells him to “shut up” all the time. Tells him he’s worthless, stupid and will never amount to anything.

But just ask the boy about his dream and his eyes will light up. This is what he’ll tell you: “I’d like to find out  where my real dad lives. And I’d like to move in next door without him knowing who I was. And —I’d like to just become his friend. Once I had become his friend, then maybe it would be okay for me to move on.”

This same young man who has all the kinds of difficulty in his life was asked to write an essay on the subject “What is a Man?” The following is his brief essay —written by a boy who has never really been around a man, never really seen one. But I think there is something so inherent, so ingrained, so intrinsic, so fundamental, that even a young boy who has never seen it modelled can put it into words. Here’s what he wrote:

A real man is kind.

A real man is caring.

A real man walks away from silly macho fights.

A real man helps his wife.

A real man helps his kids when they are sick.

A real man doesn’t run from his problems.

A real man sticks to his word and keeps his promises.

A real man is honest.

A real man is not in trouble with the law.

It’s one lonely boy’s vision of a man who stays. A man who is both an authority and under authority.

—–from Tender Warrior by Stu Weber as taken from the book “Promises To Keep” by Nick Harrison, page 79.



One response

17 04 2010

hi runnerforchrist just read your nice story… and it touches my heart…
God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand His wisdom but we simply have to trust His will. .God answers prayers – YES: He gives you what you want; NO: He gives you something better; WAIT: He gives you His best in His time…God bless you all the way

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