Tough Times…

26 04 2010

“Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid.”  -John Wayne

After a long 6 days, I’m glad to be back again in blogging.

I must admit  that those past days were probably tough times in terms of finances and so many other things.

Like the Prophet Job in the Old Testament as he was tested beyond his limits, I’m experiencing those things right now -as I celebrated my birthday this month, April.

Let me admit with great humility that:

-I’m now a jobless man.

-My businesses collapsed.

-I’m single guy again after being attached to someone for so many years.

Mentally and financially, I’m drained. Someone said that I’m in a hopeless situation.

This is also the reason why I was not able to join the TNF 100 although I already registered and trained to subdue that trail run. It was  so pathetic that I cannot join and conquer Baguio City. How could you run if you’re so depleted financially and mentally? First time  that I DNS. (Did Not Start)

Well, this is life.

F.B. Meyer wrote, “If God promised His servants  an unbroken run of prosperity, there would be many counterfeit Christians. Don’t be surprised at famine…it is permitted to root you deeper just as the whirlwind makes the tree grapple roots into soil.”

I’m praying for a breakthrough, an opportunity again to re-establish my career and hoping for better days to come.

I know I’m in the furnace right now, being tested and tried, oh -that this thing will come to pass quickly.

Let me end with this short poem by Martha Snell…I’m touched by it. Hoping this too will become a blessing to those who are in the same situations like me. Here it goes:


One by one God took them from me, all the things I valued most

Till I was empty handed , every glittering toy was lost.

And I walked earth’s highways, grieving in my rags  and poverty

Until I heard His voice inviting, “Lift those empty hands to me.”

And I turned my hands towards heaven, and He filled them with a store

Of His own transcendant  riches, Till they could contain no more.

And at last I comprehended, with my stupid mind and dull

That God could not pour His riches, into hands already full.

Remember this quotation from John McEnroe, “I think it’s the mark of a great player to be confident in tough situations.”

Wishing to see you again at the races when my turmoil is over.

Still, to God be the glory!



7 responses

27 04 2010
Melting Pot Philippines Called Baguio City - ForexBlog

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27 04 2010

Hi there RFC, such a nice poem, I personally liked this line: “…That God could not pour His riches, into hands already full.”

Sometimes we thought that we’re already empty down to our last pocket, not realizing that we still have our God-given skills and talents that would pull us out from the grave.

I hope and pray that you’ll soon find the rope to pull you up. And much more, hope see you soon in the races. God bless runner! 🙂

27 04 2010

Hi Runningatom, I’m blessed with your insight and your words lifted me.
Salamat po.

27 04 2010

Words from a man cannot be enough to ease or answer, but by God’s merciful hands you will find peace and comfort. Our prayers are with you Sir Ronnie. 🙂

27 04 2010

runnerforchrist, i prayed for you! i know God’s grace will see you through!

27 04 2010
Fidel Shalwani

I’m agree with you, showing maturity in your response. I thought I would leave my first comment

29 04 2010
henry de castro

if God brings you to it,He will bring you through it…good day bro! GOD BLESS

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